“Meh.” is the only thing you say every time you look in the mirror. We get how unimpressed you feel when you go for the same look every day. Same hair, same clothes, same accessories, and so on. If you want to stop getting bored of your reflection, then what are you waiting for? Elevate your look right away with our 7 men’s fashion tips! We’re going to help you dress well like you’ve never dressed before. From now on, your mirror will brighten every time you sparkle it with your keen eye for fashion.

  1. Get to your personal style
  2. Know your body shape
  3. Make sure your clothes fit perfectly
  4. Dress for the occasion
  5. Add accessories, but don’t go overboard
  6. Learn how to layer your clothes
  7. Upgrade your shoes and socks


Man browsing on phone and laptop for fashion inspiration

Find inspirations that can shape your fashion taste. 

If you think we added blog posts on universal fashion ideas you must follow, then think again. We give you the room to choose.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Get some ideas by going through magazines, blogs, social media, etc. Above all, get to know yourself and your interests. See what makes you who you are and the fashion styles that make you feel comfortable and confident.  

If you don’t have your fashion taste figured out yet, it’s okay. Start with the classic men’s fashion tips, then upgrade to your own touch and accessories. After all, having a wardrobe filled with the classics is better than having nothing!


Your clothing should go hand-in-hand with your body shape.

Men's body shapes (inverted-triangle, rectangular, and oval)

Wear the right clothes that fit your body shape.

For those of you with an inverted-triangle-shaped body (chest and shoulders broader than waist and hips), add some volume to your lower body to even out your upper body. V necks, polo shirts, slim-fitting pants, and chinos work for inverted triangles.

Rectangular bodies (shoulders aligned with waist and hips) should add some shape that change widths. Give your arms, shoulders, chest, and back some structure with blazer jackets to balance them out. Avoid striped clothes because your body will align with them, which can make you look bulky.

Oval-shaped bodies (torso wider than shoulders and hips) should go for clothes that add shape to their silhouettes. Wear neutral-colored clothes to make your body longer and slimmer.   


Man wearing well-fitted clothes

Make sure your clothes fit well on you to showcase their style and vibes.

If your outfits look too big or too small on you, then you murdered your clothes’ vibes on your body. To avoid this fashion disaster, make sure your clothes fit perfectly on you. 

We get that oversized hoodies and pants are a mood, but if they’re too loose, they’ll make you look figureless. Tight clothes will make it harder for you to breathe and move. If you care about looking rad in your clothes, then consider finding a good tailor. 

If there’s no chance of fixing them to your size, then it doesn’t mean you should discard them. Instead, donate them to NGOs or sell them to second-hand stores to give them a purpose again to others.

Clothes for donation

If you own clothes that you no longer wear, sort them out in piles and donate them to NGOs or second-hand stores.

If you own formal attires and no longer need them, donate them to Career Gear. They help men get ready for job interviews with the necessary apparel they can’t afford. It takes new or gently-used clothing, and they must be business-professional. Another international NGO like Goodwill recycles your second-hand items and avoids them from ending up in landfills. It accepts preloved clothes and other items, like books and furniture, in gentle condition.

Arcenciel and Fabric Aid are Lebanese NGOs specializing in redistributing second-hand clothes and providing help to the less fortunate. Both organizations accept any clothes in good condition, as long as they’re not damaged or stained.    

Second-hand stores help you resell your preloved items. Here are some of our favorites in Lebanon. 

If you own retro pieces, then get in touch with It accepts clothes in very good condition.  

PinkAttikis a thrift shop co-founded by Elsa O (you can take a look at our collaboration with her and Loolia Closet on Suis Moi Je Suis Là Socks). It welcomes fast fashion outfits (cheap clothes made at a fast rate) in good condition. Have them washed and prepared before donating. They also take shoes, accessories, and bags. 

Second Base resells vintage and hipster preloved items in good condition. For every purchase they make, you get 25% cashback and the clothes go to Fabric Aid. You can also sell your branded clothes (like Zara and H&M) to Souk Okaz in good condition. The better the brand, the higher the chance they’ll buy clothes from you.  

Vintage Soul 101 is interested in rare vintage pieces that are in good condition. It decides if it buys or donates your clothes.


Even though self-expression is the key to dressing well, keep in mind the occasion. Dress appropriately according to the event’s dress code. Wear the correct type of shoes for your outfits. If suits are mandatory, accessorize them. If the event doesn’t restrict you from going sockless, go for moccasins or sandals. If you have no formal engagements, dress in casual wear.


Man wearing accessories

Accessories help brighten your look. Make sure not to add too many, or your look can come off as heavy.

Add accessories to illuminate you and your outfits, such as cufflinks for suits and bracelets for an outing. Make sure not to overdo it with your choices. Too many can look heavy and uncoordinated. 

Ever thought of your hair as an accessory? Well, it’s not an accessory per se, but good hairstyles can be a statement and play the role of an accessory.


Man wearing layers

Layering your clothes makes your outfits look stylish.

Another way to escape your “meh.” sensation is with this style: layering your clothes. Combining apparel and colors gives a nice feel to your basic outfits. 

First, layer up to 3 pieces of clothing. More layers will make you look overstuffed and shapeless. 

Second, think about each layers’ roles. Wear inner light clothes that directly touch your skin for breathability and moist reduction. Put on thick layers for protection and warmth. For example, have a thick cardigan over a light button-down shirt during a cold winter day.

Here are some 5 fashionable layer combinations you can go for: coat, v-neck sweater, and button-down shirt; jackets and flannel shirts; t-shirts, scarves, and cardigans; blazers, vests, and button-down shirts; zip sweaters; and button-down shirts.


Man wearing funky socks and stylish shoes

Exchange your basic outfits with funkier and trendier models, such as funky socks!

Shoes and socks can add a swanky touch to your outfits. Uplift casual and formal apparel with funky and trendy models. Can funky socksand sneakers go with suits? They sure can! Just make sure not to put on an old pair of worn-out shoes—they’ll ruin the whole look.  

When you’re going through your closet, categorize your shoes and socks depending on the occasion. Consider appropriate styles and colors too. 

A quick recap on how to revolutionize your look with our 7 men’s fashion tips: 1. Get acquainted with your personal style, 2. Know your body shape, 3. Make sure your clothes fit well and donate your unwanted clothes to NGOs or second-hand stores, 4. Know how to dress correctly for the occasion, 5. Accessorize with the right amount of pieces, 6. Layer your clothes, and 7. Upgrade your shoes and socks.

We hope our fashion guide to men’s fashion will showcase your unique trait better. If we helped you find your style, post photos of you using #SikasokFashion and let’s see the new you!

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