Are you tired of your basic outfits? Upgrade them with jewelry.

Different types of jewelry can give off different vibes to the same outfit. Even the smallest piece can make you look more polished. It acts as your outfit’s statement piece that makes you and your whole look shine bright like a diamond. Rihanna’s famous saying never gets old!

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In this blog post, you’ll see a list of jewelry to pair your outfits with that can add zest to your style. You’ll even get a teaser on some recommended colors that are in fashion for 2021.


One of the ways of lifting your outfits is to wear a necklace. Consider your outfit’s neckline to make the corresponding necklace’s length work.

Match a square neckline to a low-profile pendant that goes around your neck.

Tops with scoop necklines require double pendant necklaces.

Deep scoop necklines and long necklaces go well together.

V necklines go with triangular pendants that fit right in the neckline.

Boat necklines need long chains.

Sweetheart necklines go well with chokers.

Square neckline, scoop neckline, deep scoop neckline, v neckline, boat neckline, and sweetheart neckline

Necklaces radiate your whole look. Consider your outfit’s neckline to choose the suitable necklace.


Bracelets can transform your wrist from boring to glam. 

Keep these important rules in mind: The longer the sleeves, the less the bracelets; the shorter the sleeves, the more the bracelets. If you want to wear a sleeveless top, opt for cuff bracelets that take a good room of your wrist. For long sleeves, go for thin bracelets, since sleeves cover most of them.

Woman wearing bracelets and earrings

Glamorize your arms with the right number and shape of bracelets depending on your sleeves’ lengths.


Illuminate your ears with earrings to revolutionize your whole attire. Pick them to match your outfit’s different colors. They can make your entire look unique with varying color ranges.  

Consider your earrings’ shape based on your face shape. If you have a round face, go for drop earrings. Teardrop earrings work best for oval faces. Think about the occasion too. Workplaces need studs or small hoop earrings. Avoid wearing long earrings that get in the way. Put them on in everyday situations elsewhere.

Woman wearing earrings

Pick earrings that resonate with your outfit’s style and your face shape.


Rings not only brighten your fingers but your outfit too. Colors matter a lot when you want to wear them. Golden rings bedazzle best when you’re pulling off a white top. Platinum works with an elegant outfit of any color. Copper works well with prints. If you own a floral dress, let them complement your nails too.

It would be best if you also consider the occasion. Rings engraved in diamonds and pearls suit well in formal events. Halo, cluster, and cocktail rings also fit for conservative settings. Geometric and stack rings work in informal gatherings. Solitaire rings are versatile.

Woman wearing a ring and colorful dress

Choose rings that work with your outfit’s colors and the occasion.


In 2021, it’s becoming a trend to mix metals when wearing metal accessories. As an exclusive teaser from Sikasok, we recommend you match them to your skin’s undertone. If you have a warm undertone, opt for yellow gold and rose gold. Wear silver jewelry if you have a cool undertone.

Woman wearing ring and bracelets that match skin undertone

2021 trend: Mix metals when wearing metallic accessories. Match them based on your skin’s undertone.

Along with pairing jewelry with your outfits, we also recommend to consider colors.  Gold and silver are the general colors that work with any outfit. If you want to go beyond these traditional colors, look at the color wheel and try analogous (colors next to each other in the wheel) or complementary colors (colors opposite each other). Here’s an idea: Put on a purple shirt to go with a green bracelet. We did not spitball this—the color wheel did.

Let’s review how you can upgrade your style with jewelry: 1. Match necklaces to necklines, 2. Consider the sleeve lengths for bracelets, 3. Create contrast in colors and sizes with earrings, 4. Match rings to the occasion, and 5. Mix metals with your skin’s undertone.  

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