Don’t know how to pair your shoes to an outfit you have in mind? We’re here to give you 5 fashion tips on shoes that go best with some outfit ideas. Heads up: We won’t be focusing on pairing outfits and shoes by color. We already have a blog post on that.

  1. Consider the occasion, weather, and activity
  2. How to pair with jeans
  3. Dresses: besides heels
  4. Joggers: running shoes or sneakers
  5. Consider these shoes when wearing a suit
  6. All shoes work great with chinos


Dress shoes matching to a suit

Wear the appropriate shoes in relation to the dress code.

It’s true; footwear can change an entire look to make you look casual or polished. But before we dig deep into this blog post, it’s vital to pick the right shoes depending on the occasion, season, and activity.

When it comes to the occasion, wear the appropriate pair depending on the dress code. If you’re invited to a formal banquet, wear dress shoes or heels. If it’s just a hangout, opt for comfortable sneakers.

Think about the season too. If it’s stormy, put on a pair of water-resistant shoes to avoid them and your feet from getting wet. If it’s hot out, go for sandals or flip-flops. If you want your feet to breathe, go sockless in moccasins and loafers.

If you’re going to stay on your feet all day long, prioritize comfort over fashion. It’s okay if you own a less trendy pair of shoes. As long as you’re comfortable in them, your feet will smile all day long. If you don’t know the right shoes you need, figure out your foot shape by taking the wet test.


Wearing jeans is a regular fashion fad we follow in our daily lives. We love to have them on to appear casual. But of course, you can look more relaxed if you’re wearing the right shoes. You can also add a bit of sophistication to jeans. Here are some suggestions.

Match your jeans to a set of old-school high-top sneakers. They give your outfit a street-style look that screams to the world that you love being chill. Be more urban with urban-styled socks. Our Retro Sikasoks can elevate your street look off the charts!

High-top sneakers matching to jeans

High top sneakers and jeans give your look a mix of street-style and comfort.

If you love mixing formal and informal attires, put on a pair of brown or black loafers with jeans. The colors blend perfectly well with your jeans’ colors. The entire combination will bring out your inner classiness while appearing easygoing. Let your look scream confidence by going sockless.

Black loafers matching to jeans

Go for an elegant yet easygoing look by pairing loafers and jeans.

And of course, who can forget about the trendy white sneakers? They work with jeans and can transform your whole outfit to look on fleek. Also, wear a white top to make the jeans pop out and be the outfit’s central piece.

White sneakers matching to jeans

White sneakers and jeans are always a good idea.

Like loafers, high heels can add a touch of elegance with jeans. At Sikasok, we encourage you to be bold. Instead of the usual heels, rock your denim look with a pair of avant-garde or open-toe heels. They guarantee to bring your hidden poise out in the open.

High heels matching to jeans

High heels and jeans create an elegant mix.


If you’re going to a formal event, it’s inevitable to wear a dress with high heels on to abide by the proper dress code. Suppose you get invited to an informal occasion. Will you still go for high heels? We don’t think so. If you already suffer from pain during formal situations, then there’s no need to do that in your regular life too. The more you wear heels, the more your feet are at risk.

Matching sneakers to dresses

Wear sneakers with dresses for a relaxed and casual look.

Matching sandals to dresses

Wear sandals with dresses if it’s too hot outside.

In your daily life, ditch high heels and go for sneakers when styling in a dress. They give you a casual and relaxed outer facade. Not only that, but they spare your feet from screaming in agony. Depending on your outfit, choose the right shoe color to go with it. Note: DON’T WEAR JOGGING SHOES WITH DRESSES. Your sophistication will die if you go down that road.

Like we mentioned earlier, think about the season you’re wearing shoes. If it’s sizzling, you most certainly are not going to wear heels or sneakers. Opt for sandals that suit well with a sundress. While slaying it in your whole summer outfit, you’re letting your toes cool down and breathe some fresh air.


Matching sneakers or jogging shoes to joggers

Go for joggers and sneakers or jogging shoes for a casual look.

Admit it, having joggers on is very satisfying after a long week of wearing tight pants. Let your feet get in on the action too with running shoes or sneakers. Put on some Nike, Yeezy, or Converse shoes to pull off that laid-back style. We even suggest going for printed joggers to add more street style to your attire.


Matching sneakers to suits

Wear sneakers as alternatives to uncomfortable dress shoes.

Similar to women’s heels, men’s dress shoes can also provoke pain due to their tightness. Here again, you can go for sneakers, but let them be dark or match your pants’ color. It can look weird if you have a pair of red Converse on with a black outfit. We remind you again not to wear jogging shoes because it makes you look tacky in a suit.


Matching shoes with chinos

Chinos give you the golden pass to wear any shoes you want.

Chinos resemble suit pants but are less formal. They give you the green light to wear any shoes. Go for dress shoes if you want to look classy. Put on loafers or boots if you want a mix of formal and casual. Wear some sneakers if you aim for a kicked-back appearance. You can also rock a sockless look in chinos.

A refresher on choosing shoes to go with your outfit’s style: 1. Go for high-top sneakers, loafers, or sneakers with jeans, 2. Dresses equal heels or sneakers, 3. Casual joggers mean running shoes or sneakers, 4. Suits work with dress shoes and sneakers, and 5. All shoes go with chinos. Before applying any of these tips, prioritize the comfort of your feet.

Check out the rest of our content for more fashion tips on choosing accessories to go with your outfits.

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