Who says hats are only for sun protection? They can upgrade your outfits too! Whether for the beach or just plain fun, we’re going to help you elevate your look with hats with these 4 fashion tips. Hold on to your hats and start reading! Not funny, but we tried.


We wear hats all year round, but not all of them work for all seasons. Pull off your look by wearing the right hat that works best for a particular season.

In winter, we want warmth and coziness. Go for wool-knitted beanies to keep your head warm.

Woman wearing beanie hat in winter

Wear wool-knitted beanies in winter for warmth and coziness.

The weather gets warmer in spring, and you can finally frolic in Mother Nature. You go for lighter clothes, and that includes your hat.

Go for a boater hat with a blouse, skirt, and dress. Choose colors that portray spring’s ambiance, such as red, green, pink, yellow, and orange. You can refer to the color wheel to choose the light colors to pair your hat with your clothes.

Woman wearing boater hat and bright clothes in spring

Choose colors like yellow to reflect the season’s blooming colors.

Woman wearing boater hat and dress in spring

Put on boater hats and dresses to get into the spring mood.

When we move to summer, it’s all about kicking back at the beach and getting some color. Go for straw sun hats that resemble your tanned skin. You can also wear boater hats that share your swimsuits’ colors or summer’s ambiance: pink, blue, and white.

Woman wearing straw hat in summer

In summer, go for straw hats that match the color of your tanned skin.

Alas, fall comes in and puts an end to summer for the year. But it isn’t over for your hat’s effective presence on your outfit. Lieutenant or boater hats work well in the fall. Let them match your boots’ colors to transition your fashion from colorful to neutral. It’s the perfect metaphor for the changing seasons. Also, put on a cardigan or coat to complete your comfortable and casual fall fashion.

Woman wearing boater hat and neutral clothes in fall

Match your boater hats to your boots to transition from bright summer to neutral fall fashion.

Woman wearing boater hat and cardigan in fall

Wear cardigans to set up a comfortable and casual look for fall.


Admit it; it’s pretty boring to have a plain hat without anything cool on it. Well, you’re in luck—hat accessories exist! They glow up your hats and outfits to make your style more fun and extend the accessories you have on.

Add pins to your headwear for an urban and street-style fashion. You can pull off the look even more with our Retro Sikasoks. You can also add metallic buckles or sash bands around hats to match an accessory you have on. How about matching your hat to your bagsnails, or jewelry?

Accessories for hats

Add hat accessories to make your style more fun!


DON’T WEAR PRINTED HATS IF YOU HAVE A PRINTED ENSEMBLE ON. They won’t upgrade you if you end up looking like a walking stripe.

Go for a simple hat with a color that matches any part of your clothes. You can also reverse that: Wear a printed hat with an outfit, matching only one color from the headwear. That way, you can reduce the distractions and focus on one of the contrasts your hats or outfits make.

Woman wearing hat and printed outfit

Keep your hat simple if you are wearing prints.


Before thinking of pulling off a hat, think about your face shape. You don’t want to get a hat that doesn’t work with your face structure.   

If you have a round face, go for hats that give you some height, like trilby hats.

If your face is long and oval, a lieutenant or boater hat suits you best. They make your face look shorter.

If your face is squared, go for a sun hat that adds curves.  

Woman matching hat to her face shape

Consider your face shape to pick the ideal hat for you.

Let’s go over the basics on how to match your hats to your outfits: 1. Think about the season, 2. Add accessories on your hats, 3. Put on a simple hat should you go for printed outfits, and 4. Think about your face structure before considering a hat.

Check out more accessorizing tips here.

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