Until a few years ago, socks had always been an afterthought when we dressed up. We spend time picking an outfit, finding accessories that match, and getting our hair/makeup done. We then grab the first pair of socks we see, put on our shoes, and head right out the door. We’re going to stop you with our remote control and rewind to the moment you were choosing socks. Yep, we’re controlling time just like Adam Sandler did in “Click”. 

Like underwear, socks are a significant source of comfort and warmth. If you’re careless about the socks you put on your feet, they’re going to end up with blisters, sweat, and massive pain. Not only that, but you might choose socks that don’t work with your overall outfit. You don’t want to cause any unwanted attention, do you?

This page helps you understand how to choose the right socks. You must always get the ideal pair that comforts your feet, suits the occasion, and adds value to your look. You will also learn how to pick the right socks in color and design to upgrade your style. If you dedicate time to choosing shoes and other clothing items, add socks to the list.

  1. Choose socks that fit your feet
  2. Select the right material to wear
  3. Wear the right socks for the right occasions
  4. Style the right look to the right socks
  5. Let your socks express who you are


Flat, neutral, and hollow foot shapes (types) - the wet test

Take the wet test to find out the needed shoes and socks for your foot shape.

Before jumping to fashion, choose socks that fit your feet. 

First, buy socks that correspond to your shoe size. Don’t get them oversized or undersized. Loose socks cause blisters, while tight socks stretch out and damage moisture-wicking abilities. If you don’t know your shoe size, we already got you covered. 

Second, if you don’t know your foot shape, make sure to take the wet test. If you have flat or hollow feet, the socks sold at the market won’t do you any good. They don’t get a good grip of your feet, their irregular shapes, and how they pronate (how your feet move). For such foot types, get recovery socks. Like compression socks, recovery socks add grip under your arches to help you walk right. They also have stretchable fabrics that get adjusted to your foot shape. 

Third, it’s vital to pick socks with cushioning. It does a lot for the health and safety of your feet. It offers them protection, moist absorption, and warmth. Socks that lack cushioning lead to blisters, plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel and midfoot), dampness, and Raynaud’s (the alteration of blood vessels and circulation that turns your toes blue). Ask a clerk or podiatrist to determine the cushioning your feet need.


Someone putting on socks

When you shop for socks, make sure to select the most suitable fabric to wear on your feet.

When you’re choosing socks, select the suitable material to wear on your feet. Go for high-quality cotton socks that have little to no polyester. They are soft, absorbent, and breathable to sensitive skin. Their overall structure makes them last for a long time and is soothing to your feet.

Keep in mind that you can’t wear high-quality cotton socks when you’re exercising. It’s a common mistake people make when choosing socks for ball games. When you’re running around a court, your feet experience a lot of pressure and moisture. Cotton socks lack breathability and moist absorption that can leave your feet bruised and wet. Play intense sports like basketball, football (soccer for our US readers), or tennis in sports socks. Thanks to synthetic fibers, sports socks let your feet breathe and wick away moisture that causes blisters.


Wearing the right socks depending on the occasion

Keep in mind the occasion and dress code when you pick socks.

Don’t just pick any random pair of socks out of your drawer. Consider the occasions to wear the right ones. 

We need to address the elephant in the room if you pick socks that don’t coordinate with where you’re going. You need to keep in mind the occasion’s dress code to pull off the right socks. If it’s a formal event, wear dress socks that go midway between your knees and ankles. You can also wear sheer socks with suits for a classier feel. If you’re thinking of wearing white socks as Michael Jackson did, then it’s a big no-no. Although retro white socks have made a recent comeback, they don’t work with suits. However, you can still wear them for other informal occasions. Our Hi, Kifk, Ca va? Sikasoks will look great in your next outfit choice. Remember once again not to wear them with suits!

If you want to be the star of the occasion, have your moment in funky socks! Thanks to their colors and prints, they give you individuality and brighten a dull crowd. They’ve also become common in formal contexts, especially job interviews. More on that later.


Matching socks to style

If you pick the ideal socks to match the style you go for, your look will appear well coordinated.

And now onto the fashion aspect of this page.

Style the right clothes to the right socks by colors, lengths, and accessories. There are many ways to match your socks’ colors to your outfits. You can go with the Fashion 101 rule: Match your socks to your pants. They can be of the same or contrasting shades. If you’re opting for dark colors, wear colored or funky socks to brighten your apparel. Get creative and experimental with the color wheel for new color combination ideas.

If you want to look fly in your look, you must consider your socks’ heights too.

Loafers, moccasins, and white sneakers work best with no-show socks. Don’t wear these socks in oxfords. It’ll look weird with your hairy legs sticking out.

Mini crew socks only work with casual attires and sneakers.

Wear knee-high socks instead of tights. They’re a nice touch-up to the classic high-lengthed footwear.  

You can also match your socks to accessories. For men, match your socks to pocket squares, suspenders, or ties. For women, go the extra mile and match socks to handbags or nails.


Sikasok (funky socks) - conversation starters

Reveal your fun personality through funky socks!

In Point 2, we said that funky socks exude individuality. Their bold colors and designs tell so much about the person wearing them. Confidence is a hot trait for self-expression in the fashion realm! 

With your confidence on fleek, funky socks are great conversation starters that get people hooked with you. They’re interested in meeting you because they admire your fashion choices and identity.  

As an extra tip, wear them to job interviews. Trust us on this. You won’t sit in an office looking like the other job seekers in their mundane outfits. Your socks keep you calm and give you hopes of nailing the interview. The moment you walk inside a job recruiter’s office, s/he will know that you’re self-confident. It’s an important soft skill that job recruiters look for, and your socks can give that away about you! 

We hope this guide helped you understand how to choose the ideal socks for you. Always consider fit, occasion, style, and how you want to express yourself to make the right choices. 

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