“Men and sandals never work together.” 

If you still believe that, then you’re so outdated. In recent years, “mandals” (a blend of “man” and “sandals”) made a comeback in men’s fashion. They add a casual and daring touch to men’s looks with comfort and flesh. If you love making fashion statements, this blog post is for you. If you’re not, then reconsider, PRONTO. Here are 4 fashion tips on the dos and don’ts of wearing men’s sandals.

You’re probably thinking about the whole sock-and-sandal fad that’s been going around. Keep on reading.

  1. Take care of your feet
  2. Think about your pants before wearing sandals
  3. Colors matter
  4. Consider the occasion when picking sandals
  5. Sandals and socks: yes or no?


Freeze, and drop that sandal on the floor! Did you take a peek at your feet BEFORE grabbing your sandals? Did you even take a minute to figure out what you’re about to put on them? We didn’t think so.

GIF Busted

Credits: Tenor

If you want to wear mandals, don’t overlook your feet and their appearance and comfort. We’re sure you don’t want to feel unsatisfied and attract unwanted attention when walking in sandals. Here are some Men’s Sandals 101 that you must follow if you’re going to rock in open shoes. 

First, make sure to follow a proper foot care routine for your feet. Trim your toenails short so they don’t appear dirty and long in public. Moisturize your feet if you don’t want them to look cracked and dry. 

Second, think about foot hygiene. Don’t walk in sandals with smelly feet. You definitely don’t want to see birds falling from the sky.

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When you’re taking a look at your open shoes, examine their fabric. Wear sandals made from natural materials, like leather or cotton, instead of rubber or plastic. Natural materials are breathable and direct moisture out of your skin. This means they don’t keep hold of the smell. If you already own mandals that reek, then get rid of their stench this instant!

Third, consider your sandals’ structure. They should have straps that go around your feet and behind your ankle if available. The straps must be adjustable to fix the sandals to your liking. The open shoes should also have wide openings that let your feet breathe. They avoid sweaty feet and aid in soothing ingrown toenails.

Now that you passed Men’s Sandals 101, grab a hold of your sandals again and proceed.


Men's sandals and pants

Keep in mind the pants you want to wear to pull off men’s sandals.

Sure, sandals are a part of men’s fashion. Put them together with the wrong pants, and you’ll walk around being a big fashion faux pas.

DO: Shorts and long pants go well with mandals. Shorts give you a free pass to choose whichever fabric and length that suits you. It’s the opposite when it comes to long pants. Cotton or light-cropped pants that go above your ankle are the ideal long pants to wear with sandals. 

DON’T: Don’t go for long pants made from heavy fabrics like denim. They make you look visually unpleasant with open shoes on your feet.

Don’t wear long pants that go below your ankle too. Pants in your sandals? Again, not pleasing to the eye. Avoid this by rolling up your pants. This method paves the way to show off your ankles and feel confident in sandals. Here’s a video that teaches you how:

YouTube video

Roll up your pants to show off your ankles and boost your confidence in sandals.


Colors matter when picking sandals. It all depends on your look. 

DO: Go for flashy colors. Let them bring out your inner funk and reflect your daring personality. If it’s summertime, match your flip-flops with any element of your swimming trunks. Try the color wheel for unique color combinations if you want to take your fashion to the next level.

DON’T: Keep flashy colors for the beach and other outdoor activities only. Opt for monochrome, neutral, or earthy colors for formal settings.


Wearing men's sandals at beach

Men’s sandals are acceptable footwear at the beach.

Keep in mind the occasion to choose the appropriate sandals to put on. 

DO: Roam around in mandals in your daily life. Wear them to the beach, grocery shopping, your friend’s house, driving, etc.  

DON’T: Don’t wear them to formal events like weddings. You won’t make it to the dance floor, let alone the reception.

Even though sandals can be inappropriate in such contexts, they don’t need to be red-flagged. This is where shoe-sandals come in. Shoe-sandals include minor openings that make them resemble sandals. If you’re attending an outdoor wedding, go for a pair of shoe-sandals that lets your feet breathe while dancing. Remember the dress code once again if you’re allowed to put them on.


Socks and men's sandals

Wearing socks and sandals together is an edgy fashion trend. Featured: Hi, Kifk, Ca va? Sikasoks that add a touch of old school to your bold look.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: The sandals and socks trend. Is it a must for men to follow? We’re having a hard time picking between yes or no, so let’s dissect this matter.

DO: If you follow this trend, it means you’re trying something edgy. Wearing sandals and socks together shows that you want to kick back and forget about dress etiquettes. It steps you out of your comfort zone and helps you stand out from everybody else.  

Make them work with retro-styled socks to look old school. Our Retro Sikasoks should help you pull off the sock-and-sandal style.

DON’T: You might be thinking that adding socks with sandals defeats the whole purpose of refreshing your feet. You might also be thinking that the socks and sandals followers are like our dads on vacation. We’re not stressing you to follow the fashion. It’s up to you. After all, we don’t need to follow every single trend that’s out there. We know the pressure that fashion can put on us!

So do sandals work for men? The answer is yes. 1. Think about your pants, 2. Pick bright colors to go with sandals, 3. Go for shoe-sandals for formal occasions if possible, and 4. Add socks to make a fashion statement. Before considering any of these pointers, make sure to attend to the hygiene and comfort of your feet. 

For more men’s fashion tips, click here.

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