Sikasok - Kharzi Zar'a (Evil Eye) Socks (Knee-High)

Kharzi Zar'a Socks (Knee-High)

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Type: Knee-High Socks. 

Size: 36-40. Fits 35 to 41.


  • 78% premium combed cotton fabric (for softness, moisture-wicking, and warmth)
  • 20% polyamide fabric (for design and elasticity)
  • 2% elastane (to fit different types of feet shapes).

Look straight into the kharzi zar’a (evil eye) and you might get cursed. The Kharzi Zar’a Knee-High Sikasoks give you the utmost protection from evil spirits up to your knees thanks to their stretchy elasticity. They are also versatile to wear in any season. Rock them in boots in winter and sneakers with skirts/shorts in summer.

(Kharze Zar'a, Kharzi Zar2a, Kharze Zar2a, Kharzi Zara)



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