Sikasok - Ahwi (Coffee) Socks
Ahwi (Coffee) Sikasok Socks with cezve and Arabic coffee cup in the middle.
Ahwi (Coffee) Sikasok Socks with a book, bookmark, blanket, and mug of tea.

Ahwi Socks

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Type: Long Socks.

Size: 41-46. Fits 39 to 47.


  • 78% premium combed cotton fabric (for softness, moisture-wicking, and warmth)
  • 20% polyamide fabric (for design and elasticity)
  • 2% elastane (to fit different types of feet shapes).

That gushing sound of Arabic coffee pouring out of the rakwé in the morning. The Ahwi Sikasoks energize you to get out of bed like a cup of coffee does. By taking a simple glance at the design, you’ll feel the caffeine running in your veins and be productive for the entire day! The official name of the long-handled pot is known as cezve in Turkish. It holds infinite translations, such as rakwé in Levantine Arabic, Kanaka in Egyptian Arabic, and Zezwa in Tunisian Arabic.



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