Sikasok - See You Later, Alligator Socks - Kids Socks - Retro Socks
Kid's head and legs seen from above wearing brown shirt, black pants, See you later, Alligator Retro Sikasok Socks, and black and white sneakers.

See you later, Alligator Socks

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Type: Kids Socks and Sports Socks.

Sizes: 24-26 (2-4 years), 27-31 (4-7 years), 32-35 (7-9 years).


  • 78% premium combed cotton fabric (for softness, moisture-wicking, and warmth)
  • 20% polyamide fabric (for design and elasticity)
  • 2% elastane (to fit different types of feet shapes).

If your kids bid farewell to their friends with “See You Later, Alligator”, then these Sikasoks are for them. The four-worded goodbye is imprinted on them that won’t make your kids stop laughing. The socks also include cushioning layers for sweat absorption and compression strips for extra grip. These elements make them comforting for your kids to move in these crew socks. Their cut resembles the retro socks that were big in the late 20th century. Part of the Sikasok Retro and Sports Lines.



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