Sikasok - Booza (Ice Cream) Socks - Kids Socks
Kid solving shape puzzle in Booza (Ice Cream) Sikasok Socks.

Booza Socks

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Type: Kids Socks.

Sizes: 24-26 (2-4 years), 27-31 (4-7 years), 32-35 (7-9 years).


  • 78% premium combed cotton fabric (for softness, moisture-wicking, and warmth)
  • 20% polyamide fabric (for design and elasticity)
  • 2% elastane (to fit different types of feet shapes).

Don’t you just love seeing your kids smile after buying them an ice cream cone in the summer? How about when they dig into the ice cream, lick their fingers, and thank you for the sweet treat? The Booza Sikasoks’ light combed cotton fabric helps keep your little ones’ feet sweat-free during the sizzling heat of summer.



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