Together LiBeirut

The 19.8 Beirut socks are here! 
A special edition pair for the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge, the global solidarity movement for Beirut and Lebanon by Together LiBeirut.
This collection is packed with impact as it helps support the mission of Together LiBeirut and their partners in reviving the socio-economic fabric of Lebanon in four vital sectors: healthcare, mental health, livelihood, and heritage.
Inspired by 19.8 km2 the area of our vibrant capital Beirut, the 19.8 Beirut Global Sport Challenge is an invitation to unite all sports enthusiasts and Lebanon lovers around the world to keep moving for our city, and keep the needs of Lebanon in everyone's mind.
You can still register. It is happening on the week end of October 1st and 2nd.  Learn more about the challenge here.
Whether you are taking the challenge or not make sure to get your 19.8 Beirut pair today.
Be a Sport. Set your challenge. Get your 19.8 Beirut socks. Join the movement.



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