Sikasok - Li Beirut Socks

Li Beirut Socks

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Type: long socks.
Available sizes: 36-40, 41-46.

The “Li Beirut” socks came to life to help the Lebanese youth amidst the financial crisis Lebanon is going through; We first launched this design as a limited edition Sikasok for a project led by “Rotaract Millenium Beirut” & “The Smart Lebanese” aiming at raising funds for 3 public schools in Lebanon.

Following the success of the fundraisers, we decided to add the “Li Beirut” design permanently in the Sikasok collection and contribute 10% of its proceeds to “Rotaract Millenium Beirut”’s ongoing projects & fundraisers. Shop it now and contribute to a child’s education.
Design by @Chloesleilatiart

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