Sikasok - Snowface Socks - Babies and Kids Socks
Feet in Kid's Snowface Sikasok Socks riding a rocking horse.
Two persons in Snowflake Sikasok Socks and one in Baba Noel Sikasok Socks sitting on rocking horse.

Snowface Socks

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Type: Kids & Babies socks.
Available sizes: 13-21 (0-1Y), 22-23 (1-2Y), 24-26 (2-4Y), 27-31 (4-7Y), 32-35 (7-9Y).

The easiest & best part of building a snowman is always the last step; adding the "eyes" and "nose"… it suddenly takes shape and draws a huge smile on our face right away !! Here's to carrying this unique winter memory, anywhere, anytime! 



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