Sikasok - Blue Booza (Ice Cream) Socks
Legs on pillows wearing blue Booza Ice Cream Sikasok Socks.

Booza Socks (Blue)

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Type: Long Socks.

Size: 36-40. Fits 35 to 41.


  • 78% premium combed cotton fabric (for softness, moisture-wicking, and warmth)
  • 20% polyamide fabric (for design and elasticity)
  • 2% elastane (to fit different types of feet shapes).

Summer just isn’t the same without an Arabic ice cream in our hands. The Blue Booza Sikasoks make you crave some stretchy ice cream on a rectangular-shaped cone the moment you see it. Like ice cream, the combed cotton fabric makes hot summer days cooler by wicking moisture off your feet.



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