What Happens If You Wear High Heels All the Time?


They say that high heels are going to make their grand return after a full year in quarantine. Once you get your vaccination, do you want to take part in that return? Let’s rewind to the good ol’ days before March 2020. 

High heels were essential to glam you up and add some height. You liked to wear them all the time and feel like a powerful woman. Underneath all that glam and added height, you ended up getting sore feet and other health issues. Being pretty in heels hurt, didn't it?

Here are 4 points to refresh your memory on what happens if you wear high heels all the time. Please read very thoroughly and think about Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” while you’re going through this blog post. It sends a deep message.

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1. you can get arthritis

High heels can lead to arthritis if you're going to wear them all the time again.

Arthritis is the inflammation inflicted on one or more of your joints. Intense pains, redness, and blisters occur as a result of arthritis. The inflammation develops mainly on your knees.

When you have heels on, your knees’ joints bend forward and admit pressure on themselves. This keeps you balanced when you're moving or standing. With that factor, women are more likely than men to get arthritis.

2. high heels worsen foot problems

Woman's sore feet from high heels

High heels can worsen existing foot problems, such as ingrown toenails and hammertoes.

If you’re already suffering from ingrown toenails or hammertoes, high heels will not make the pain go away. They’ll only make things worse. 

Toes overlap each other when you put on heels. This adds pressure to your infected toe(s). Imagine your long toe pressing on your infected big toe when you’re looking glam in high heels. You’re SO going to scream in pain.

And once again, being pretty hurts when you have tall shoes taking a toll on your feet. Do you want your toes to suffer again this year?

3. high heels don't keep your balance

High heels and sprained ankle

High heels don't maintain your balance when you walk in them. 

You may have had sore feet last year because your heels didn't aid you in keeping your balance. If you didn't end up in an ER yet, then consider yourself lucky. Walking in heels can sprain your ankle and add more pain to your feet. Are you feeling last year's pain already after reading this?

4. you walk differentLY than usual

High heels and feet

High heels damage your posture.

If your feet are well used to heels, your muscles and tendons had to readjust themselves to give you the ability to walk in them. When they’re off, your feet feel like something’s missing. Or worse: attempting to wear shoes without heels makes it hard for you to last in them. This is because of your body’s unhealthy changes to your posture that get you to put on high heels. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping you at home for a whole year, your feet will have to suffer from readjusting to heels again. 

Now you remember that wearing high heels can cause arthritis and worsen some existing conditions. It can also take a toll on your walking and balance. We suggest you follow a daily foot care routine to ease your feet from heels. Consider taking the wet test too to find the ideal shoes that work with your feet.

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