The Best Suit Accessories for a Polished Look


Anyone in a well-fitted suit can become an instant swagger. How about adding some suit accessories to take your suit to a whole new level? Suit accessories add personality, break the monotony, and elevate your style, while still conforming to the occasion’s formal dress code. Here are our 7 recommended accessories that go perfectly well with suits. As the wise Barney Stinson said in the course of "HIMYM", “Suit up!"

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Necktie matching dress shirt and suit

Think about color, fabric, width, knot, and dress shirt when you accessorize your suit with a necktie.

Think about the color, fabric, width, knot, and dress shirt when you want to accessorize your suit with a necktie. Neckties give you plenty of room to customize and think outside the box when you’re putting your overall suit together. Additionally, the way you adjust your necktie displays how suitable you are for a corresponding event. You don’t want to wear a bowtie when you have meetings with your boss. You might as well bring your future bride while you’re at it too and make your wedding vows!

If you don’t know how to tie a necktie, we’ve got you covered with this quick tutorial.

A video tutorial on how to tie a necktie. Credits: YouTube.

You’re probably wondering about matching your tie's colors to your suit as well. Smart thinking. Your tie must be darker than your dress shirt. As a pointer from Sikasok, move away from the traditional style and try new colors. Or better yet, go bold and try statement (or funky) ties! 

If you’re considering patterns, choose only a piece to have a print on it. If the suit, necktie, and shirt you picked out already have patterns, you’ll look like a mess. That’s a big no-no in fashion!

2. DON't overlook POCKET SQUARES 

Pocket square matching dress shirt and suit

Pocket squares add elegance and character with their prints, fold, and color.

You know those old movies where men always add a tissue in their front blazer pocket? It’s called a pocket square. And yes, people still like to wear it as a suit accessory.  

If you don’t want your tie to steal the whole show, you can add a pocket square to share the attention. It builds elegance and character to your look with its print, fold, and color. You can choose your pocket square to match your tie’s color. It can also be simple or neutral, such as white. If your pocket square has patterns, select a single color and let it be your shirt’s main color. Socks can also be an option. Let the socks work with the pocket square’s color or patterns.

3. Add CUFFLINKS For a refined look

Cufflinks on a suit

Add a dash of fun to your dress shirts with French cuffs using cufflinks. 

We’ve all seen photos of men pulling their cufflinks and dramatically looking away from the camera. Cliché poses everywhere. But still, cufflinks are another accessory that makes you sharp in a suit. 

Like neckties and pocket squares, cufflinks add some touch of fun to your suits. Keep in mind that cufflinks ONLY work on formal occasions and require dress shirts with French cuffs. 

4. Socks: should they always conform?

Funky socks matching to shoes

Funky socks are essential suit accessories that help you stand out from other men in suits. Featured: Arrows Sikasoks, part of the Formal Line Collection.

Socks are another piece we recommend on our list. Tradition has it that socks should always match your suit trousers’ colors. Let your socks’ height reach midway between your knee and ankle. NEVER wear them up to your ankles when wearing a suit. That's a big fashion faux pas!

If the occasion permits, wear some funky socks and stand out from the dull and formal crowd. Let them match your necktie or have a pattern or design. That’s where our Formal Sikasoks come in: They give you self-expression while simultaneously keeping it formal.

5. Watches: HARD-TO-MISS classicS

Watch and socks pairing to a suit

Watches are a classic suit accessory that every man must add to his suits.

Watches might be a thing of the past, but it’s always good to wear one with a men’s suit. No need to overpay for a watch. Any affordable one is good as long as it’s formal and appropriate.

6. suspenders: another accessory not to overlook

Suspenders matching a suit

Suspenders can add some fun to your suit if you match them to your dress shirt or funky socks.

Even though you go right for belts, suspenders can still be a necessary accessory to hold up your pants.

We know what you’re thinking, “But blazers cover suspenders. Why is it on this list?” Good question.

Even though blazers cover suspenders, they still appear at some point. You're definitely going to take off your blazer after dancing at weddings or if it's just too hot. It’s better to be prepared than to have suspenders that don’t go well with your outfit. Imagine the invited guests' looks on their faces when they see your mismatched get-up.

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Match suspenders to your shirt or your funky socks. Let them be darker than your top. Consider their length, width, and fabric too with the setting.

7. add tie bars to keep YOUR NECKTIE in place

Tie bar matching necktie and dress shirt

Tie bars add sophistication and fun to a suit. It keeps your neckties in place while dancing, working, eating, etc.

We hate it when neckties get in our way when we work or dance at weddings.

Put on a tie bar to pin your necktie to your shirt. Don’t just pin it on the tie. Place it between your dress shirt’s third and fourth buttons. If it's pinned too high or low, it throws off your whole look.

Go for the traditional colors (silver, grey, or gold) and consider the necktie you’re wearing. Be aware of the colors of your suit’s blazer buttons, cufflinks, pocket square, watch, or belt buckle too. If you want something different, get fun-shaped tie bars to make your suit more modern and amusing. For example, get an anchor-shaped anchor. It's an anchor-edible idea, isn't it?!

Recap on suit accessories that can elevate your suit: neckties, pocket squares, cufflinks, socks, watches, suspenders, and tie bars.  

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