How to Make a DIY Drawer Divider for Your Socks


Do you have so many socks that take up space in your sock drawer? Or do you lack one and stack your socks with your underwear? We’re here to make your sock organization a whole lot easier with a DIY drawer divider!

With just cardboard and a few tools, you’ll be able to divide a whole drawer that will make room for your socks! With that being said, here’s how to make a drawer divider in just 4 steps that’ll take only a few minutes to create.

Don’t worry, your handmade drawer divider won’t just be a plain one. Carry on reading.

Materials needed: measuring tape, ruler, cardboard paper, pencil, blade cutter, glue bottle, and colored papers.

1. Step 1: measure your sock drawer

Measure drawer

Measure your sock drawer in order to plan the dividers.

Begin your journey to a DIY drawer divider by measuring your drawer. Use a measuring tape and take the measurements of your drawer’s length, width, and depth. Get the exact measurements, or the wrong values might make your divider too small or too tight to fit in. 

L for length, W for width and D for depth.  

2. Step 2: plan your drawer dividers & draw them 

Plan drawer divider for socks

Plan the dividers for your socks drawer.

Every folded pair of socks needs a space of around 9 or 10 cm by 9 or 10 cm. So go ahead and divide the L (length) and W (width) by 9 or 10. Make sure to get a round number! The result is equal to the (amount of dividers needed + 1). Here’s an example: 


L = 50cm, W = 60cm, D= 10cm 

L / 10 = 5,  you will need 4 dividers in length 

W / 10 = 6,  you will need 5 dividers in width  

Now how do we draw our dividers? With our example above, you will need 4 dividers of 50cm (L) by 10cm (D) and 5 dividers of 60cm (W) by 10 cm (D).  Each separator has an incision of 5 cm. Incisions should be 9 to 10 cm apart (= space needed for a folded socks). Check out the image below for more details:

drawer divider dimensions

Plan the drawer dividers and draw them on the cardboard. 

3. Step 3: cut your tracings with a blade cutter

Cut drawer divider for socks

Cut the tracings of your drawer dividers.

Grab a blade cutter and begin slicing off your tracing(s)

4. step 4: Use glue and colored papers

Add color to drawer divider for socks

Add a touch of color to your socks drawer!

Here’s where the DIY drawer divider becomes “colorful” to put together. See what we’re hinting at?

Grab a glue bottle and glue on one side of the first cardboard. Add the colored paper of your choice onto it, and cut with a blade cutter to mirror the half-cut you made. Glue on the other side too and cut halfway into the colored paper too. Repeat the same procedure for the other cardboard.

And now, you have a colorful DIY drawer divider that not only makes more space for your socks, but also brightens your whole drawer. Scratch that—your entire bedroom!

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