Need a Conversation Starter? Put on Funky Socks!


We know how hard it is to be a newcomer in a new school, job, city, etc. It’s going to take you some time to adjust and make new friends. Turn that frown upside down because we have a secret weapon that’ll change everything—a pair of funky socks! Here are 3 points that’ll get you familiarized with funky socks and how they’ll help you start conversations.

1. Funky socks are great conversation starters

Feet in Sikasok funky socks

A pair of funky socks' colors and designs will interest people to talk to you.

Funky socks (or statement socks) include colors and designs that add a bold touch to your look. With these socks on, people are going to start a conversation with you. They’ll be so intrigued to find out the story behind them and why you like to wear them. Your new friends will realize how special you are in portraying individuality. Maya, Sikasok's co-founder and creative director, wore Yalla Sikasoks that got her a new friend on a hiking trip. They talked for an hour about how bold, funky, and relevant they are for hiking. See what we’re talking about? We guarantee people running to your funky socks like metals attaching to magnets!

GIF Magnets

Credits: Tenor

2. You find friends with similar interests

Feet in Sikasok funky socks

If everyone around you shares the same love for funky socks as you do, then you've become friends!

If everyone around you can’t stop obsessing over your cool funky socks, then you’re already making new friends. That’s because you all share a common interest—the funky socks you’re wearing. With this similar interest, you can break the ice and smoothen your way into a friendship. If you're a coffee addict, our Ahwi Sikasoks should act as a great conversation starter. You’ll all get to talk about how you depend on a hot cup of coffee to get you productive and out of bed! 

3. You inspire others to stand out

Friends wearing Sikasok funky socks

By exhibiting individuality in your funky socks, you will inspire others to follow the daring fashion statement.

When you wear funky socks, you stand out from your classmates or coworkers and express your true self. Those with doubts become so inspired by your confidence. They’ll want to put on their own funky socks, come to you, and engage in conversations on the socks you’re all wearing. They’ll then thank you for inspiring them to step out of their comfort zones and take a bold step in the way they dress. 

If you want to start conversations with new people, put on a pair of funky socks. They’ll help you break the ice, find common interests, and maybe even inspire others to follow your style. Get your own Sikasoks and make some new friends!

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Elio is a content creator at Sikasok. He enjoys writing, reading, binge-watching, and jogging. Elio loves being creative and staying updated with the latest news and trends. 



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