How to Pick the Right Bag for Your Outfits


Your stunning outfits are one thing, but your bags seal the deal! Let your purse, handbag, or satchel elevate your look and make you extra fashionable. Let’s get right on it and recommend you 5 fashion tips. 

Our last pointer is an original fashion tip that no one has ever thought of before. You’re welcome!

1. Carry the perfect bag for the occasion

Woman carrying a bag

If you're going out to run some errands, you'll need a big bag.

Imagine going to a big gala event with a shoulder bag. Yeah, that’s REALLY hard to imagine. 

Pick the right bag that fits the occasion. As a rule of thumb: the more formal the occasion, the smaller the bag; the more casual the occasion, the bigger the bag. Small bags add sophistication and glamor to your entire outfit. Big bags portray you as laid-back and simple. 

2. Experiment with colors 

Uplift your bag and style by trying new and different color mixtures. A red jumpsuit and a blue handbag would look pretty chic together. We didn’t come up with the mix—the color wheel did. Find out more color matching ideas right here.

3. uplift boring clothes with printed outfits

Woman carrying a printed and colorful bag in basic outfit

Printed and colorful bags transform your look from boring to glam.

If you want to wear a plain outfit, don’t let your bags be a part of it. Let them have a printed design to light up a dull look. It can work the other way round if you match printed outfits to solid-block colored bags.

4. Match bags to your accessories

Bag matching to accessories, shoes, and nails

Matching your bags to accessories, shoes, and nail polish is a new and creative fashion fad to follow.

Instead of mirroring your bags to your clothes, why not match them to your accessories? Pair them with the nail polish you have on for a new and creative spin. As a plus, add charms to your bags that work with any piece of jewelry you have on. It’s like your accessories teleported to your bags! 

As a friendly suggestion, don’t go overboard with matching accessories. Match 2 pieces at most.

5. match bags to funky socks

Bags matching to funky socks

Matching your bags to your funky socks exudes confidence and personality.

Yes, you read that right. This is the exclusive fashion tip we hinted at in the beginning!

Mirror your bags to your funky socks’ print. If your socks have polka dots, stripes, or any other prints on them, let the bags have the same design. You can also choose a color from the socks to replicate the bag. Don’t be afraid to go bold and wear bags that display character. Trust us, carrying such bags around can give you confidence!

Let's recap the 5 tips needed to pick the right bags for your outfits: 1. Carry the right bag depending on the occasion, 2. Experiment with colors, 3. Carry printed bags when wearing simple clothes, 4. Match to accessories, and 5. Mirror them to funky socks.  

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Elio is a content creator at Sikasok. He enjoys writing, reading, binge-watching, and jogging. Elio loves being creative and staying updated with the latest news and trends. 

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