How to Pick Shoes for Your Outfit: Matching Color and Style


You’re really late for a hangout with your friends. You already picked out the perfect look, but it’s always the shoe color that gets your mind all torn apart. You might be one of those people who wear the same shoes and don’t know how to match the right colors and style together. Want to end that dilemma? Here’s how to pick shoes for your outfits by color and style with 4 fashion tips. Before diving into the topic, make sure you choose the right shoes depending on the occasion, season, and activity.

1. Create contrast with THE color

Bright color shoes matching to neutral color outfit

Pick colorful footwear if you're wearing a neutral outfit and vice versa.

Create contrasts between your shoes and outfits. If you're going for a colorful ensemble, wear plain shoes to tone down the entire look. If you still want to go for a neutral outfit, wear flashy shoes to give your outfit a whole new vibe. Contrasting neutral and vibrant colors hint to people the piece you want as the center of attention.   

The above fashion tip can also work with printed clothes. If you want the full attention on the outfit, choose a single color from it as your shoes' color. Vice versa too: Choose a color from your shoes' print to your outfit to let the main focus be on your footwear. 

If you want to try new color combinations, use the color wheel. You’ll be amazed by mixtures you’ve never thought of before!

2. When in doubt, match neutrals to any outfit

Grey color shoes matching to outfit

When it doubt, wear neutral-colored shoes like black, beige, and grey.

Neutral colors like black, beige, and grey can score you the perfect look so effortlessly. They work with any outfit, like... ANY OUTFIT. Match them to whichever color the rest of your outfit is. Let’s consider this tip as an outfit saver when you’re confused and taking a lot of time to match colors! 

3. Match your shoes to your accessories

Shoes color matching to accessories

Matching shoes' colors to accessories is a classic fashion tip that people follow.

People always love matching their outfits to accessories. When it comes to shoes, people match their color to belts when wearing suits or other forms of formal wear. You can also match them to your bagsnails, or other suit accessories.

4. Match the outfit to your shoes

Outfit color matching to shoes

Shoes can be the central piece that inspires the rest of your outfits' colors!

Instead of matching the shoe color to your outfit all the time, let it be your outfit’s hero by going the other way round. Let your shoes act as a statement piece that inspires the rest of your outfit. You can do this by picking out the shoes to style your clothes accordingly. 

To pick shoes for your outfits by color: 1. Contrast colors, 2. Go for neutrals when you’re in doubt, 3. Match them to your accessories, and 4. Let your outfits replicate your shoes. 

Now you know how to match your shoes with your outfit by color. Learn how to match your shoes with your outfit by type right hereFor more accessorizing tips, click here.


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