How to Organize Your Sock Drawer


Is your sock drawer always messy and disorganized? Do you take forever to find the socks you want to wear because they’re underneath all the others? If it’s your daily dilemma, then we’re here to end it.

This blog post gives you 5 tips on organizing your sock drawer very neatly. If it’s overflowing, get a shovel and empty it before you get started!

1. Proper folding

Your sock drawer may be messy because you fold socks into big rolls. This can make your collection of socks overlap each other and take up a lot of space in your drawer. Fold your socks into smaller rolls to make room for all the socks in your drawer.

2. Organize your sock drawer by color

Organize sock drawer by color

Make your sock drawer colorful by organizing your socks by color.

Organize your socks by color to add a colorful touch to your sock drawer. Group them like a rainbow or have each row linked to a particular color with fading shades. For example, assemble a row of blue socks from dark to light blue.

3. Arrange your sock drawer by design

Arrange sock drawer by design for easy tracking

Organize your sock drawer by design to find your socks very easily.

Arrange your sock drawer by your socks’ designs for simple tracking. This tip also makes your drawer more presentable by displaying prints. We suggest funky socks on one side of the drawer, striped socks on the other, and basics in the center.

4. Add dividerS

Add dividers in your sock drawer to separate socks by color, design, fabric, etc. You can also use them to isolate your socks from your underwear if you don’t have a sock drawer. Watch our tutorial on making your own divider below. You can also follow the steps here

5. Choose special spots instead

Choose special sports for socks - socks in a basket

If you and your family share the same socks, reserve special spots in your house to easily track them!

If you are not into drawers, find special spots in your house to locate your socks. Choose a shoe rack or a basket as spots to save everyone time from rummaging from sock drawer to sock drawer!

If you want the best guide on organizing sock drawers, we suggest 1. Folding socks into small rolls, 2. Organizing by color, 3. Arranging by style, 4. Adding dividers, and 5. Choosing a special spot if you share your socks with others.

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