How to Match Your Nail Polish Color to Your Outfits


Can’t decide on picking the ideal nail polish? We’ve got you covered with these 6 tips that help you choose the right nail color for a polished look. We’ve saved the best for last because it’s new and exclusive. It's something you probably never thought of before. If you believe we included those tacky Starbucks-themed nails that you’ve seen on social media in our list, then visit another blog post. Sorry, not sorry.

1. With white, choose pink or coral nail polish

Nail polish matching to white clothes

White clothes make a beautiful backdrop for fun and bright nails, especially pink and coral.

Go for pink or coral nail polishes if you want to wear a white dress, pantsuit, or shirt. White makes a beautiful backdrop for fun and bright nails and adds a touch of sass.


Nail polish matching to black outfit

Go for any nail polish except black to illuminate black clothes.

Wearing black outfits allows you to choose any nail color. Let's jump to the next point.

Just kidding. All colors can work with black, but BLACK NAILS DO DON’T GO WELL WITH BLACK OUTFITS. We don’t want you to turn full goth for a polished look.

Go for any color that can give some flair to your apparel. For example, try different shades of red, nudes, or yellow nail polishes to brighten your black pieces of clothing.

3. PRINTS: Choose A color AS nail polish

Nail polish matching to printed outfit

Choose a plain color from prints.

Suppose you have patterned shirts in your wardrobe. Would you recreate the pattern’s colors on your nails? Not only does that camouflage them, but it's just… no, just no.

Pick a color from your printed outfit and paint it on your nails. As a plus, let the nail color stand out from the rest of your outfit by being a shade darker or lighter.

4. bright-colorED CLOTHES CALL for block nails

Block nails matching to bright outfit

Bright-colored clothes call for block nails.

If you pick a colorful piece, then block your nails. Choose a color that contrasts nicely with the rest of your outfit. Also, include several colors in each nail to complement your look’s various colors. For example, if your outfit is yellow, match it to pink, coral, blue, and yellow that please the eye. If you want your nails to go on a whole new level, get inspired by the color wheel.

5. when in doubt, go with the basics

Red nail polish matching to basic outfit

If you're stuck on picking a nail polish color, go for the basics (red, nudes, and pale pink).

You know how the saying goes, “Let’s do it the old-fashioned way.”

If you’re having a hard time pairing the suitable nail polish to your selected outfit, then stick to the basics. Nudes, red nails, and pale pinks work with any outfit at any time. You’ll save a lot of time from going through your entire nail polish collection.

6. match your nails To your accessories

Nail polish matching to accessories

Make fashion more fun by matching your nails to your accessories!

We saved this best and exclusive tip for last—match your nails to your accessories!

Choose any accessories you have and make your nails a part of them too. For example, if you want to wear a shiny necklace, let your nail polish be metallic-like. If you're going to match it to your blue handbag, paint your nails blue too. 

Check out our blog posts on accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry to get other nail matching ideas. We give this unique fashion tip a big thumbs up for giving nails a different and stylish turn!

Let’s repeat how to match your nail polish to your outfits: 1. Choose pink or coral colors with a white look, 2. Choose any color but black for black outfits, 3. Match your nail polish to a single color for printed clothes, 4. Block your nails, 5. Go for basic colors when you're stuck, and 6. Match nails to accessories.  

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