Funky Socks for Job Interviews: Can You Wear Them?


Job interviews can be very nerve-racking. You have to follow the appropriate dress code to give off good first impressions to job recruiters. You have to wear a suit, get your hair done, and look as neat as possible. There’s just one thing that’s holding you back—wearing funky socks. You love to wear them all the time: They are a part of you, and you can’t live a day without them. So you’re probably asking the big question, “Are funky socks big faux pas for job interviews?” 

Well, we’ve got good news for you—they’re not! Trust us; you’ll want to wear funky socks in a job interview to nail it.

We’re going to explain to you how choosing funky socks can help build an impressive first impression.

1. Funky socks are great conversation starters

Funky socks in job interviews - great conversation starters

Your funky socks' colors and designs may initiate exciting conversations about them during a job interview.

When you walk into an office with funky socks, job recruiters will find them colorful enough to stand out. Your socks’ colors and designs may start a great conversation about them. You never know; some interviewers may be huge fans of funky socks too. They may find things in common with you and instantly connect. If your future job requires you to travel, put on our Travel Sikasoks to tell interviewers that you’re “on board”! See what we did there?

2. Funky socks can say a lot about you

Funky socks during job interviews

Funky socks can already reveal your personality to job recruiters.

Your funky socks are already checking off some questions in the interviewers’ clipboards. You’re giving first impressions of yourself through your socks’ designs and colors: bold, enthusiastic, and cool. They also show that you have an easy-going personality and you’re cool under pressure. Such a profile can make you fit for a job because you’re acting as yourself in your funky socks! They make you stand out from others as well while still conforming to the overall formal dress code.

3. check the dress code

It would be best if you did some prior research on how to dress up for the job interview you’re going to. Some jobs encourage peculiarity and creativity. Others remain traditional. For companies with a conservative dress code, match your socks to your trousers’ colors. Let them be plain or with a simple pattern. For workplaces that dress up in business casual attires, add funky socks to spice up your look. 

In a nutshell, funky socks are an added value for job interviews. They are great conversation starters and personality revealers. Keep in mind the company’s context to dress accordingly. Should your interview setting be conservative and you still want to show some funk, our Formal Line Collection is here for you.

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