Beginner's Guide: Foot Care Tips and Routines for Softer and Healthier Feet

beginner's guide


If you’ve had enough of your feet giving you trouble, we’re here to end it. This blog post gives you 8 foot care tips and routines you must follow for softer and healthier feet. We share your pain of having to deal with painful, dry, and unattractive feet.

1. Soak your feet IN lukewarm water AND SALT

Soaking feet in basin, lukewarm water, and salt

Wash your feet in lukewarm water and salt to keep them clean and healthy.

Ah, the miracles that salt and water do to your feet. If your feet often experience odors or pain, this pointer is for you.

Soaking your feet in water removes all the sweat, dirt, and sock lint off your feet. Adding salt enhances circulation in your feet and massages them from muscle soreness and plantar fasciitis (heel pain). Just soak your feet every day for 5 minutes in lukewarm water (36.5°C (98°F)), and your feet will fly to heaven.

2. Trim your feet and calluses Daily

Calluses - pumice stone treatment

Treat your calluses with a pumice stone to remove all the dead skin.

Trim your feet and calluses daily.

Calluses are thick and rough blotches of skin formed by constant friction and pressure on the skin. They are found at the bottom of your feet. Your feet usually press on the boney areas that hold your weight, such as your big toes and heels. Calluses are caused by misfitting shoes, standing long, sports, or not putting socks on. If you leave your calluses untreated, they can grow and become more painful for you to walk on your feet.

Treat calluses by trimming them with a pumice stone. Dip it in warm water, place it on the calluses, and rub with circular motions. This will remove all the dead skin. Be careful not to continue rubbing off the skin as it may lead to bleeding or infections.

You can also treat calluses with a moisturizer. It helps soften the patches and avoid cracks on your feet.

3. TRIM YOUR TOENAILS on a regular basis 

Trim toenails regularly - straight across

Trim your toenails regularly to keep them clean and healthy.

Don’t leave your toenails to grow out. Trim them regularly.

Use nail clippers, nail nippers, or manicure scissors to trim your toenails. Make sure to own different clips for your fingernails and toenails to avoid transmitting bacteria and fungi between your fingers and toes.

Now, for the trickiest part—cutting the toenails. Cut them straight across, and never cut them short, rounded, or pointed. Cutting in the wrong direction can make the toenail grow into the flesh, causing painful ingrown toenails.

After you finish trimming, use a nail file to adjust your nails’ jagged edges. Now your toenails look neat and hygienic enough to be seen in public.

4. Treat your feet with paraffin wax

Paraffin wax for feet

Soften your feet with paraffin wax. Credits: Footwear News.

If you want softer feet, use paraffin wax. The wax’s warmth stimulates blood flow and opens the skin’s pores to take in moisture. This moisturizes dry feet, relieving them from aching joints.

Begin the process by rubbing 3 to 4 layers of paraffin wax on your feet. Wrap cling film around them and wait for 20 minutes. Your feet will feel as soft as a baby’s bum! Get this treatment done by visiting any nail salon.

5. Massage your feet Daily to ease pain

Massaging feet

By massaging your feet, you'll reduce all sorts of foot pains.

Implement foot massages in your daily itinerary. Each massage specializes in easing all sorts of foot pains that can get you walking on your feet again. Lucky for you, Sikasok has 5 foot massages that can get your feet fixed in a jiffy.

Extra tip: Put on our Massage Sikasoks when you want to massage your own feet. Thanks to reflexology, the socks can help perform the right foot massages that release tension from different parts of your body through your feet.

6. Make your feet stronger by exercising

Exercising feet

Exercise your feet every day to make them stronger.

If your feet get exposed to injuries or pressures, you must exercise them. The more you exercise them, the more strength they receive to overcome pain. We have 5 foot exercises that may fit your situation. Make the exercises more effective with the right socks on for extra comfort and protection. We suggest you put on our Sports Sikasoks. Check out the entire collection right here.

7. find the right shoes to imProve circulation

Blood circulation is vital to keep your feet healthy. Since they’re the lowest part of your body, a lot of blood is needed to carry out the functions, muscle growth, and development of your feet. If your feet are not receiving enough blood, make them healthy again.

Poor blood circulation may be caused by cold feet, age, smoking, dehydration, poor nutrition, or peripheral artery disorder (or PAD: plaque buildups in the arteries). They may also be caused by the footwear you have on. Your beautiful yet uncomfortable shoes and socks can contribute to poor circulation by stimulating muscle pain, discomfort, numbness, and poor nail growth.

Find the ideal shoes for you by knowing your foot shape. You can do the wet test that reveals one of the three arches of your feet: normal, flat, or hollow. You can also measure your feet to get accurate measurements. With the right shoes on, your feet will become comfier and painless, which welcomes circulation back.

The wet test

Take the wet test to get the right shoes needed to improve the blood circulation in your feet.

8. find the Right socks to boost circulation

We have two suggestions for using socks as circulation boosters.

First, put on compression socks. They are the ideal footwear that help enhance circulation in your feet. They pinch your leg muscles and blood vessels to produce more blood and move them to your feet. This contraction avoids swollen legs, blood clots, and discomfort.

Second, sleep with your socks on. Did you know that socks can do so much to your feet when you’re fast asleep? Probably not. Socks can pump blood circulation, help you sleep at night, and avoid Raynaud’s (the alteration of blood vessels and circulation that turns your toes blue) and hot flushes (a sudden heat sensation caused by hormonal changes).

Sleeping with socks on

Sleep with socks on to improve the health of your feet.

Despite the pointers above, buying the right shoes and socks isn’t enough to maintain healthy feet. We recommend following a daily foot care routine to keep your feet healthy, clean, and soft. We also recommend you seek out a podiatrist or a shoe technician. They can evaluate your feet better and match you to the right footwear.

Washing feet - daily foot care routine

Follow a daily foot care routine to keep your feet healthy, clean, and soft.

Make your feet stronger, healthier, and softer by following these daily routines: 1. Soak your feet in lukewarm water and salt, 2. Trim calluses, 3. Trim your toenails regularly, 4. Wax your feet, 5. Massage your feet to relieve pain, 6. Exercise for stronger feet, 7. Avoid bad blood circulation with the right shoes, and 8. Boost circulation with socks.

If Points 7 and 8 made you rethink the shoes and socks you own, we have a thorough guide that’ll introduce you to shoes and socks care.


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