Beginner’s Guide: 6 Must-Have Fashion Accessories To Upgrade Your Basic Outfits

Beginner’s Guide


Are you tired of looking so basic in your outfits? We have the solution—style them with accessories. The wonders they can do to your wardrobe! 

Accessories elevate outfits and help you reveal your identity and personality. Match them to colors and patterns to create bold and unique combinations, and don’t worry about spending a fortune on new ones: use your go-to pieces and transform your look with little effort.

Sikasok presents you with a beginner’s guide to 6 types of accessories and how you can match them to your outfits. 

Note: Don’t forget to stick to our two golden rules when you want to use accessories. More on that later.

1. pair jewelry to your outfit

Jewelry matching to outfit

Jewelry like earrings illuminate your look and add a unique statement to your outfit by their color, length, type, and design.

When you put on a piece of jewelry, you instantly bedazzle your whole look. Each piece of jewelry creates an interesting statement to your outfits depending on color, size, the occasion, and type. We've gathered the best tips on how to pick jewelry to go with your outfit.


Shoes and socks matching to outfit

A pair of shoes' style and color set your look's theme and contrast well with your clothes. Socks correspond to the occasion and should fit well on your feet.

Match your shoes to your outfit by style. Let your shoes be the last piece of the puzzle that defines your look’s theme. Link them to your pants or occasion to enliven the theme you want. Ever thought of wearing sneakers with a suit to a wedding? Find out more right here. 

Think about your shoes’ colors too. If you’re stuck, go for neutrals that save you a lot of time from picking. Go the extra mile by contrasting colors or mirroring your clothes to your shoes. Read the full article. 

Before putting on your shoes, think about the socks you have on. Let them be the right fit for both your feet and occasion. Think about the material, purpose, fit, and design. Find out the right socks for you right here.

3. elevate your style with the right bag

Bag matching to outfit

Carrying a bag adds a stylish twist to any outfit you put on. 

Bags uplift men’s and women’s outfits. They can elevate your clothes to make you more stylish. Exclusive tip from Sikasok: Carry a funky bag to show your fun personality! Find out more right here.

4. accessorize your suit to add character 

Pairing suit accessories like watch, socks, and shoes to outfit

Suit accessories like watches, shoes, and socks add style to your suit.

For our male readers, boost your suits with 7 must-have accessories. Not only do they add more taste to your suit but also character. Socks, neckties, pocket squares, watches, and suspenders are some accessories that make you stand out from other men in suits. View the full article.

5. man or woman, don't ignore nails

Nails matching to outfit, accessories, and socks

Nail polish matching to accessories like watches and socks is a new and fun fashion tip to follow for those who love trying something new.

Even though it’s not an accessory, nails have made it to this list because everyone must have well-groomed and clean nails. Don’t forget your toenails too! Check out how to care for them here. 

From white and black tops to printed outfits, we give you a 101 guide to matching your nail polish color to them. If you want something different, set your nail polish like your accessory. Read more about this exclusive tip.

6. don't shy away from wearing hats

Hat matching to outfit and season

Hats can glamorize you if you match them to the right seasons, accessories, and colors.

We always tend to be hesitant about headwear, and especially hats. We’re missing out on the fact that they add some zest and glam to your overall look. Let them match to seasons, accessories, or other color combinations. Make sure to consider your face structure when choosing your hat. More on hats right here.

7. Sikasok’s 2 golden rules

Before considering our accessorizing tips, consider these 2 golden rules: 

1. Make sure your clothes always fit you well. Don’t go for outfits that exceed or loosen your fit—let them be just about right. Think about your body shape, size, and proportions when selecting.  

2. Don’t go for too many accessories. Just stick to a few signature pieces. Moreover, there’s no need to exaggerate matching all your items to your outfits’ colors together. Go for the color wheel and understand some color matching rules.

We hope our 6 must-have accessories will help you upgrade from dull to chic! Use #SikasokFashion and post pictures of you in your bedazzling accessories!


Elio is a content creator at Sikasok. He enjoys writing, reading, binge-watching, and jogging. Elio loves being creative and staying updated with the latest news and trends. 

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