Always in a Hurry? Pick Your Outfits Quickly and Still Look Great


If you only have 0.00001 seconds to pick an outfit for work every morning, then this blog post is for you.

We get how overloaded your mornings are with getting everyone ready and out of the house. We also get how busy you are with more work and household duties when you’re back home. But you can’t live every morning choosing the first pieces you see and leave out time to make the correct matches. Here’s a basic math lesson for you: choosing outfits + zero time left = fashion hazard.

Let’s help you look great in the morning when you're in a rush. Here are 7 ways to do it.

1. have enough basics in your wardrobe

Woman wearing basics

When you don't have time to get ready, throw on some basics.

When you’re racing against time, don’t expect to put a look together. Have enough basics in your wardrobe to dress in quickly and leave home straight away. Basics like cardigans, elastic office pants, shirt dresses, or long skirts save up a lot of time and comfortably get you to the office.

2. have enough statement pieces

Woman holding statement bag

Add some statement pieces to your basics to glow up your look.

If you don’t want to look too basic in your basics, throw on a statement piece or two. They instantly upgrade your outfit from boring to glam. Have some of these must-have accessories in your wardrobe ready the next time you're running late in the morning.

3. start with shoes, then go straight up

Clothes matching shoes

Matching your clothes to your shoes is another way to get ready quickly. Let your ensemble fit the mood of the day.

If time doesn't let you stop and smell the roses (or your wardrobe), go straight to your shoes. Think about the mood of the day. If it’s cold out, dress well in a pair of ankle boots and a thick ensemble. If it’s hot out, go for sandals and a faboo summer dress. You can also match your clothes and shoes by color and type.

4. keep your whole look VERY simple

Simple look

Simple looks make it easier to choose pieces without making big decisions.

Another way to dress well very quickly is to keep your look very simple and minimalist. Pick simple outfits that don't force you to make decisions on what to wear. One-piece outfits help, like dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, or overalls. Make sure they fit your body type, or you won’t be able to pull off the look.

5. figure out your skin and hair care routines

Woman in front of mirror - hair and skincare routine

Even when you run late, you must have some daily skin and hair care routines.

It’s a big no from us if you go to work late with a bedhead and bad skin all the time. Figure out some practical and quick skin and hair care routines to follow every morning.  

For your skin, use a tinted day cream with SPF. They replace buying and applying day creams, sunscreens, and foundations separately. 

Go for hairdos that save a lot of time from getting your hair well-groomed. Ponytails and buns will get you out of the door faster than curls and braids.

If you have no time to wash and dry your hair, add dry shampoo to your scalp, and scrub the top and back of your head. Dry shampoo soaks up oil from your hair and doesn’t dry out your scalp for a few days.

6. print out a copy of the color wheel

Clothes and color wheel

Print out a copy of the color wheel to make color matching faster and easier.

If you want to look great in colors while dressing up very quickly, print out a copy of the color wheel. Just take a look at the wheel, choose your color combinations, and head right out the door.

7. get ready beforehand

Simply put, you need to work on your organizational skills—period. Cue the mic drop.

GIF Mic drop

Credits: Tenor

Organization is the key to dressing well. Get your outfits and accessories prepared the night before. You’ll have a better chance of making the perfect match than rushing and making bad choices in the morning.

Not only is picking your outfit in a rush frustrating but also preparing your bag. You forgot about that, didn’t you?

If you change bags often, keep your frequently used possessions (cell phones, chargers, makeup kits, etc.) in a container to swap bags easily. As an extra tip: Find a particular spot for your bags to grab hold of them quickly. Use your chiffonier or bedside table as spots. 

Think about where you're going as well. Pack big if you’re going to the office and pack small if you’re going to a hangout. With that in mind, you’ll know how much you need to pack to your destination. 

Here’s what to do to dress well if you’re always late: 1. Go basic, 2. Add statement pieces, 3. Start shaping your look with shoes, 4. Keep it simple, 5. Figure out some skin and hair care routines to follow, 6. Have a copy of the color wheel, and 7. Prepare your outfits and bags the night before.

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