7 Daily Foot Care Routines You Must Follow For Healthier Feet


Aha moment—we never pay attention to our feet. 

We do, but only when we’re putting on and taking off our shoes and socks and when we’re taking a shower. We rinse our faces, wash our hands, and brush our teeth so many times a day, and our feet still get little to no care. Let that sink in. 

We suggest you follow these 7 daily foot care routines for healthier feet. Take some notes!

1. CUt your toenails

Shoes and socks always cover our feet, and we never take notice of our toenails’ growth and hygiene. And worst of all, they can grow into the skin, causing ingrown toenails. Ouch indeed.

How to trim nails correctly

Learn to trim your toenails correctly to avoid them growing in the wrong direction.

Cut your toenails regularly. Use the appropriate nail clippers and trim straight across your toenail. Never cut them short, rounded, or pointed. Clipping carelessly will make them grow in the wrong direction.

If you can’t get the hang of cutting your nails, then leave it to nail technicians. They’ll give you good nail trimming and foot care.

2. wash your feet on a daily basis

Feet in water and basin

Wash your feet every day to remove all the sweat, bacteria, and sock lint off them.

Even if you have to skip your daily shower, make sure to wash your feet. Just like your armpits, your feet sweat a lot and inhibit odor-causing bacteria. 

Wash your feet in a basin filled with warm water, and soak them for 5 minutes. Add soap and essential oils to clean them and boost circulation. Do this every night to remove all the sweat, bacteria, and sock lint from the day.

3. wear COMFORTABLE shoes

If your shoes constantly strangle your feet, you must be wearing the wrong ones for your foot type. The more you put them on, the more your feet develop problems like hammertoes and diabetic feet. Get the proper footwear by taking the wet test. You’ll finally know your foot type and buy the right shoes needed.

If your toes don't feel comfortable, let your footwear be a bit bigger than your regular shoe size. It’s okay if you wear size 46 (US 12) shoes and your feet are 44 (US 10). Give your toes some space to make them breathe and comfy. If you feel like your feet grew recently, measure them to find out your current shoe size.

4. moisturize your feet very often

Moisturizing feet

Moisturize your feet daily to keep them soft and supple.

Hands always get the utmost care. We use moisturizers to keep them soft and supple. Like our hands, our feet get dry too. As a daily foot care tip, apply some moisturizer to your feet. Make it more effective by putting on socks to keep the moisturizer in place.

5. always MAKE SURE TO change your socks

Woman changing socks

Make sure to change your socks every day to avoid bacteria and fungal infections.

If we change our underwear every day, the same goes for socks. Having the same pair on all the time will make room for bacterial and fungal infections. You don’t want to see mushrooms growing out of your feet. Yuck!

Ewww gross GIF

Credits: Tenor

Make sure to change your socks and wash your feet very often to have healthier feet.

6. exercise your feet ON A DAILY BASIS 

Feet wearing sports socks for exercise

Exercise your feet every day to enhance the circulation and strength of your feet.

Exercise your feet every day. Stretch your feet, rotate them, and walk around a room. These exercises improve the circulation of your feet and reduce injuries. We already have a blog post on some foot exercises that you must try.

7. massage your feet TO RELIEVE PAIN

Massaging feet

If your feet kill you all the time, massage them daily.

If you have plantar fasciitis (heel and foot pains), you need to add massage to your daily to-do foot care list. The massages ease you from the provoking pain. As a plus, have our Massage Sikasoks on. Not only do they massage your feet but also the rest of your body!

Prepare this daily checklist to pamper your feet: 1. Cut your toenails regularly, 2. Wash your feet in water and soap, 3. Wear comfortable shoes, 4. Moisturize your feet, 5. Change socks daily, 6. Exercise, and 7. Massage your feet. 

For more foot care tips, click right here.


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