5 Ways to Remove Bad Odor From Your Shoes


Take a whiff of your shoes… PEE UUH!

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Your shoes need some attention. Don’t only clean them on the outside because you want to show how faboo they are. They need some cleaning on the inside too. We give you 5 ways to remove that awful smell from your shoes. You’ll pick up some tips that will grant your footwear a smell-free future. Put a clothespin on your nose before you start because they’re still STINKAAAAAY!

1. Baking soda helpS get rid of bad odor

Cleaning shoes with baking soda

Baking soda deodorizes shoes.

Yes, you read the subhead right.

Baking soda can help deodorize your shoes. The bacteria on your feet, socks, shoes, and sweat create an acidic-scented odor. Baking soda is a base that reacts with your shoes’ smell to form sodium butyrate. That’s the scientific talk for “no bad odor”. 

Add baking soda inside your shoes and leave them overnight. It will neutralize the smell, leaving your shoes as fresh as the day you first bought them from the store!

2. remove awful smells with a freezer

Cleaning shoes in a freezer

A freezer puts bacteria in a dormant state, making your shoes odor-free.

We know, you must be rubbing your eyes real hard after reading the first two subheads. 

Place your footwear in a freezer and leave them overnight. Cold temperatures can make bacteria go beddy-bye. With their dormant mode, your shoes become a no-smell zone.  

Of course, you can’t shove your shoes in the freezer right away. You will need to seal them in a ziplock bag first.

3. Freshen your shoes with sunlight

Cleaning shoes with sunlight

Sunlight stops bacterial growth that's responsible for shoe odor.

Mother Nature has her remedies lying around her surface, and that includes the sun. 

Place your shoes under the sun. Thanks to UV rays, they destroy bacteria’s DNA that puts an end to the bacterial growth responsible for the odor. The moisture disappears, refreshing your shoes from any smell.

4. REmove shoe odor with soap bars

Cleaning shoes with bar soaps

Insert bar soaps overnight to exchange hideous odors with beautiful ones.

Soaps can take in smells and exchange them with beautiful aromas that’ll make you get goosebumps. Place a piece in each shoe for the whole night, and your footwear will no longer smell like a rotten sandwich!

5. get rid of shoe odor with fruit peels

Cleaning shoes with fruit peels

Use fruit peels to disinfect odors.

Another way to remove shoe odor is by peeling off citrus fruits. Their essential oils disinfect odors and weaken the bacteria in your shoes. Smush some peels in the shoes and leave them overnight. Now your shoes smell like a forest of orange trees. Yum! 

So let’s review your to-do list for cleansing your smelly shoes: 1. Stuff some baking powder, 2. Put your shoes in a freezer overnight, 3. Let them have some fresh air and sun, 4. Place some bar soaps in them, and 5. Add some fruit peels. 

If you’re wondering about removing odors from your socks too, we read your mind.

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