5 Ways to Make Your Running Shoes Last Longer


Remember that small problem you had about losing your favorite running shoes? Worry no more—you can make them last longer!

At Sikasok, we always come up with solutions that guarantee to put a smile on your face (or, in this case, shoes!). In this blog post, we give you 5 ways to make your running shoes last longer so that you two would (almost) never break apart!

1. Don’t wear the same shoes

Every time you put on shoes, the cushioning and shock absorption change. Your endurance, weight, and your shoes’ midsoles’ mileage contribute to these changes. If you go beyond the listed factors, then you’d have to kiss your beloved running shoes goodbye. Get the tissue box ready.

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To make your running shoes last longer, don’t wear them every single day! You can choose to wear them solely for runs. If you own other running shoes, give them a chance and leave your preferred footwear to be for a couple of days (more on that later). If you’re not going for a run, wear other types of shoes. Lucky for you, we have some suggestions right here.

2. Don’t leave your running shoes tied after wearing them

Leaving shoes (shoelaces) tied

Leaving your shoes tied after wearing them can stretch out their heels.

Let’s admit it, we all put on and take off our running shoes with the shoelaces tied. Our little effort to untie the laces don’t do our shoes any favor.

Keeping your shoes tied before and after wearing them can affect your shoes’ heels. It can result in getting them stretched out, which can become unfit for your feet.

Make sure always to untie your laces to extend your running shoes’ lives. It only takes a few seconds to get them undone—it’s not rocket science!

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3. Keep your running shoes clean

Clean running shoes

Clean your running shoes regularly if you want to extend their lives.

You know those people who are so fastidious about their clothes that they don’t want a speck of dust to land on them? Yep, you’re going to have to join that club if you want your running shoes to last longer.

Keep your shoes clean to revive them like the day you first bought them. Wipe off any dirt, mud, or water you see on your footwear. Pull off any pebbles that get stuck on your shoes’ soles.

For a faster cleaning process, wash your running sneakers in a washing machine. Use liquid detergent and wash them at a cool temperature for about 30 to 40 minutes. Add 4 to 6 towels to absorb shocks and for a quieter wash. NEVER use a dryer to dry off your shoes. It can dismantle the glue that holds the shoes together.

If you wish to clean your shoes the old-fashioned way, soak them with soap and water. Make sure to wash their inners too to get rid of their odors.

4. Add new insoles in your shoes

Shoe insoles

Cover or remove your old insoles with new ones to renew your shoes' odor and protection. Credits: The New York Times.

Don’t only focus on your shoes’ outers—concentrate on their inners too. This includes looking at their insoles: a placeable sole that provides freshening and support for your feet. If your soles appear damaged, colorless, flat, or smelly, then they’re a no-go.

Cover or remove your old insoles with new ones that provide enough freshness and protection needed for your feet. That way, you’ll revive your shoes on the inside. 

5. Spread your mileage

In Point 1, we talked about wearing your other running shoes. This is crucial to spread all the mileage you run in your favorite running shoes. That way, one of your shoes’ midsoles (the thick layer between the insoles and outsoles) doesn’t get damaged and exceed their mileage limit. In other words, distribute all of your running mileage into all of your other running shoes, not just one!

If you want your “BFFs” to last longer in your circle of closets, then here’s what you should do: 1. Don’t wear your running shoes all the time, 2. Untie them, 3. Clean them, 4. Add new insoles, and 5. Spread your mileage to all of your running shoes.

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After reviving your old running shoes, get motivated and start running!


Elio is a content creator at Sikasok. He enjoys writing, reading, binge-watching, and jogging. Elio loves being creative and staying updated with the latest news and trends. 



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