5 Foot Exercises for Strengthening and Pain Relief


Do you stand on your feet all day? Do you play sports and jog regularly? If you answered yes to either question or both, then this blog post is for you.

Standing longer than 30 minutes per hour or running over long periods won’t do your feet any good. The more the intensity, the more the pain and discomfort your feet face.

To keep your feet healthy and strong, we suggest our 5 core and easy foot exercises. They will relieve your feet from pain and add protection and strength to their muscles. So sit up straight, relax, and begin!

1. Foot exercise one: raise, curl, and point

This 3-part exercise eases your feet and toes of pain. Do each part for 5 seconds. Repeat each part 10 times.

2. Foot exercise two: extend your toes

This exercise avoids plantar fasciitis, a pain felt in your midfoot and heel. It's beneficial to people who walk or run for long miles.

Extend your toes for each foot for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times.


This fun exercise strengthens your feet and toes.

Scatter 20 bolts on the floor. Pick up each piece off the floor with your toes. Make this exercise more fun by placing the bolts in a bowl!

4. Foot exercise four: SPLAY YOUR TOES

This exercise treats the bunion, the big toe’s base that forms a bent bump.

Spread your toes apart for 8 seconds. Repeat 25 to 30 times a day.

5. Foot exercise five: bend inner edges of your feet

This exercise is another pain reliever for your feet and toes.

Bend the outer and inner edges of your feet 10 times. Walk around the room with bent edges to make the exercise more effective.

If you really want your feet to support you during long walks, stands, and games, do the following foot exercises: 1. Raise, curl, and point 2. Toe extension 3. Pick up bolts with toes, 4. Splay your toes, and 5. Bend the inner and outer edges of your feet.

After doing the foot exercises, pamper your feet with Massage Sikasoks. Not only do they massage your feet but also your entire body, thanks to reflexology!

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