4 Tips to Wash Your Socks Properly


Are you a newbie at washing socks? Do you stain your white socks all the time?

Laundry can be so annoying with its rules, but you can always make it fun! We’re giving you 4 fun tips on how to wash your socks properly. You’ll be able to manage your socks like a pro after reading this article—we guarantee it!

1. Always flip your socks inside out 

Flipping socks - washing socks properly

Flip your socks inside out to avoid bacterial and lint build-ups.

Yes, we know how long it takes to flip socks. In Laundry 101, this method is mandatory to clean out all the bacteria nested in the socks that give off terrible odors. It also saves your footwear from lint build-ups: fiber (or fluff) from clothes that pile up in dryers.

Don’t forget to fold the socks after flipping. We have some folding tips.  

2. Separate your socks by color

Two piles of socks (white and colored) to avoid color-bleeding - washing socks

Form two piles of socks (white and colored) to avoid color bleeding.

If you have a gigantic mountain of socks, divide them into Teams White and Color.

Mixing white and other colors is a major violation of Laundry 101. Any colored piece of clothing automatically bleeds (or stains) white. With the division you made, you'll wash each pile separately and avoid any color bleedings.

3. Wash at right temperatures

Imagine socks like human beings. If our fever burns up to 40°C (104°F), we can kiss our lives goodbye. You don’t want to kiss your gorgeous socks goodbye too.

Check your socks’ labels that indicate the right temperature to use vis-à-vis their fabrics. Cotton can handle a temperature of 40°C (104°F). Cashmere silk needs 20°C (68°F). Wash merino wool at no more than 30°C (86°F).

Water temperature is also another vital Laundry 101 tip. While washing cotton at 40°C, it’s better to set it at 15°C (around -9.4°F) in a washing machine.

Water at cold temperatures prevents your socks from shrinking, fading, or tearing. It can also reduce any wrinkles spotted on them. Make sure to set the water as cold as the moment you turn on the water when you’re showering. Yes, THAT cold.

4. Use home remedies to remove stains

Home remedies - washing socks

Home remedies like white vinegar can get your socks stain-free.

Another way to wash your socks properly: NEVER use bleach or stain removers to remove spills. You’ll damage your socks’ fibers and reduce their duration.

Home remedies avoid ruining your footwear. Use a boiled white vinegar solution and dip your stained socks in them overnight. Its acidity is an excellent source to clear away all the chemicals embedded in your clothes.

We hope this blog post will get you to attend to your unlaundered socks! Check out the summary of our washing tips in the video above.

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