4 Signs That Tell You When It’s Time to Change Your Old Socks


Do you usually wear socks that are torn-up and loose? If you do, then you must stop. What’s the point in wearing them if they aren’t as comfortable, secure, and beautiful as when you bought them? We give you 4 eye-opening signs that tell you when it's time to change your old socks.

1. Stop wearing old socks IF THEY have holes

Socks filled with holes

Stop wearing old socks if they're filled with holes. They provide less protection to your feet.

Sure, you can stitch a few holes on your socks. But if they have countless ones, then it’s a sign you must retire them. Leaving your toenails uncut or having them in your sock drawer for a long time are the likely culprits.

Hole-filled socks provide less protection to your feet. They can leave your feet cold and sore. Think of this scenario when you have to put on shoes with ripped socks on… not pretty.


No matter how hard you try removing the smell off your old socks, the odor is still going to be there. It goes back to how long you wear them. The more your socks embed in your shoes, the more they build up bacteria and fungi, and the more your feet smell.

Avoid your other favorite socks from facing the same problem by removing your shoes indoors, washing your socks properly, and practicing foot care routines for hygienic feet.

3. if your feet outgrow them

Another sign of changing your old socks is your feet outgrowing them.

If your shoe size was US 10 (EU 44) last year and became US 12 (EU 46) this year, then get ready to see your socks and feet all torn up. Your socks’ limited elasticity and pressure-bearing capabilities can’t handle more giant feet. The most common example is the misfit between your heels and your socks’ heels. Your feet and toes also face many chafing (skin problems created by friction) due to the pair’s elasticity pressing very tightly on them. This can lead to rashes and bleeding. So no sugar-coating—your feet are in for some pain!

Screaming in pain GIF

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If you're clueless about your latest shoe size, measure them to find out what it is, and get some new pairs of socks.

4. Stop wearing your socks if they lost elasticity

Socks without elasticity

Socks without elasticity can't rub off friction from your shoes.

If your old socks always drop down, then there’s something wrong with them. Socks without elasticity welcome your feet with pain. They no longer rub off friction from your shoes when you’re in motion. Worn-out socks also get in the way of your feet while moving or working out.

If your sock drawer is filled with dreadful and unfitting socks, here are 4 signs that tell you when you should change them: 1. They have holes, 2. You can’t get rid of their odors, 3. Your feet outgrew them, and 4. They lost their elasticity.

If you have other problems with your socks, click right here to resolve them.


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