3 Ways To Measure Your Feet At Home Before Ordering New Shoes Online


You've ordered a new pair of shoes online, but to your surprise, they don't fit. "But how? I've always worn the same shoe size.”

There are many different reasons for this. Maybe your feet have changed with time from weight gain. Perhaps the stores you shop your shoes from use distinct measuring units. Or you're probably new to online shopping and confused different shoe size numbers with the ones you're familiar with.

We have the solution to your dilemma: 3 ideal measuring methods that you can carry out at the comfort of your home! Each approach guarantees knowing the correct shoe size needed before trying or shopping for new shoes online.

1. Draw your foot on a piece of papeR

Measuring foot on paper

Method 1: Draw your foot on a piece of paper and use a ruler to measure it.

This method is the easiest way to measure feet.

First, place a sheet of paper on the floor and tape its sides to keep it firm on the ground. If your foot is bigger than the paper, add another sheet where your foot can touch both.

Next, place a foot on top of the paper(s). Keep in mind that socks have to be on to avoid pen or pencil markings on your toes. Make sure to also add as much weight as possible to get accurate measurements and tracings. Grab a pen or pencil and begin tracing around the foot. You can ask someone to help you if you don’t want to bend and ruin the tracing.

When you finish tracing, pick up a ruler and start measuring your drawing. Follow the 2 steps below: 

Step 1: Use a ruler and measure the length of your feet from the heel to the big toe in centimeters. Use the conversion chart below to convert your findings into the shoe size unit you’re familiar with.

A conversion chart of lengths of feet in centimeters

Figure 1: A conversion chart of men and women’s shoe sizes derived from the lengths of their feet in centimeters.

Step 2: After you find out your shoe size in Step 1, look at the second conversion chart below to find out one of the three possible widths of your feet (the biggest part of your foot across). Get the exact measurement with your ruler again.

With your updated knowledge of the length and width of your feet, you’ll be able to order your shoes online with the correct shoe size.

A conversion chart of widths of feet in centimeters

Figure 2: A conversion chart of men and women’s shoe sizes derived from the widths of their feet in centimeters.

2. MEASURE YOUR FEET WITH a measuring tape

Person using measuring tape around foot

Method 2: Use a measuring tap to measure the length and width of your feet.   

Another way to measure your feet is with a measuring tape. First, place a foot on the ground and begin measuring its length at 1 centimeter (0.39 inches) instead of 0. It’s easier to measure this way than to align your heel with the measuring tape’s tip. Get your estimations and decrease them by 1 since you omitted the 0. Next, wrap the measuring tape around the foot to measure the width. Use the conversion chart again to find out your shoe size.

3. Use a Brannock device

If you want the most accurate measurement of your feet, then use the Brannock device. It records the length and width of your feet. More common in shoe stores and clinics, you can still buy your own set and measure at home. Here’s a video giving you more information on the Brannock device and how to use it:

Method 3: Get the most accurate measurements of your feet with a Brannock device. Credits: YouTube.

Here’s a quick recap on measuring your feet at home: paper and ruler, measuring tape, and the Brannock device.

Now that you know your shoe size, check out some shoes that you must add to your closet!

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