3 Easy Ways to Fold Socks Like a Pro


Clueless about folding socks? Or are your folding methods making your socks take up too much room in your sock drawer or luggage? If you're in one of these predicaments, this blog post is for you.

The key is better organization. And by that, we mean better folding.

Learn 3 easy tips that'll make you fold your socks like a pro. Your precious footwear will definitely get a spot in your drawer or bags.

1. Folding method one: roll your socks

Imagine folding your socks like a cinnamon roll. This is precisely how you want to fold your socks.

Pro: This method keeps your socks small enough to squeeze them between clothes. It also doesn’t make them take up room and get in the way of shutting your sock drawer or fastening your bags.

Con: Your socks’ elastic can wear off because their upper band gets stretched out. This folding method will make your socks dangle.

2. Folding method two: fold in a square lock

Yes, you read the subhead right. Fold your socks in squares. If you’re a funky socks lover, you’ll want to stick to this method.

Pro: This method will help you see your socks’ designs and pick them out quickly. It also makes your footwear look neat in squares and doesn’t take up space. It doesn’t damage the socks’ upper band when you’re putting them in a square lock.

Con: It’s hard to get used to this folding method at first. With practice and time, you’ll nail the square lock and fold your socks very quickly.


If you put off your packing till the last minute, keep an eye on this pointer.

Pro: This method only needs one procedure. Boom—you finished folding your socks in seconds!

Con: It takes up space, and it's not as organized as the first two.

We hope we helped you become a pro in folding socks.

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