2021 Fashion: 15 Men's Hairstyles for Short, Medium, and Long Hair



If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, you’ve come to the right blog post. We give you the 15 trendiest men’s short, medium, and long haircuts of 2021 that will transform you into a whole new person!

1. Short hair: edginess

You usually go to a barber to cut your hair short and restore your civilized look. The next time you go, how about asking your barber to give you a different short men’s haircut?

In 2021, short hairstyles allow men to experiment with length and design together. Yes, you can add a design while getting a haircut! That’s a terrific way to label your individuality and hairstyle preference from others. Here are 5 short men’s hairstyles that are trending this year.

A. undercuts

Undercuts - 2021 men's hairstyle

Undercuts involve a shaved head in the back and some hair on top. Credits: Left - Unsplash; Right - Unsplash.

Undercuts leave some hair on top, while the rest shaved. This men’s haircut works if you want some bangs in the front while nothing long in the back. If you love having different lengths at the same time, then go for this style.

B. Disconnected undercuts

Disconnected undercuts - 2021 men's hairstyle

Disconnected undercuts revolutionize the regular undercuts with shaved sides. Credits: Left - Unsplash; Right - Unsplash.

This style takes the undercut to a whole new level. Instead of a slight cut around the head, go the extra mile with shaved sides. That’ll make you hold a bold and exciting look.

C. modern slick back wavy hair

Modern slick back wavy hair - 2021 men's hairstyle

The modern slick back wavy hairstyle adds a dreamy touch to the classic slick back in 2021. Credits: Left - Unsplash; Right - Mens Haircuts.

Bring back the classic slick back hairdo in 2021 with a twist of waves. Let your modern slick back wavy hair bounce slightly off your head for a dreamy look.

D. Buzz cut with shaved design

Buzz cut with shaved design - 2021 men's hairstyle

Add a little flavor of you on your head by giving your buzz cuts some shaved designs. Credits: Left - Mens Haircuts; Middle - Mens Haircuts; Right - Unsplash

Don’t cut your hair short only. If you’re someone who goes for buzz cuts all the time, revolutionize them with a shaved design. Add your personal touch to it.

E. Flat tops

Flat tops - 2021 men's hairstyle

Flat tops are back in 2021. Their angular cut adds a unique shape to your head. Credits: Left - Men's Hairstyle Trends; Right - Men's Hairstyles Today

More than 30 years ago, Will Smith popularized his signature flat top to the world in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. They made it back to the men’s fashion scene in 2021 that gives your head a unique shape. With their angular design, they can turn you into an avant-garde in an instant.

2.  Medium hair: elegance

Medium-lengthed men’s haircuts add sophistication, refinement, and uniqueness to your 2021 appearance. It also reveals interesting aspects of your head that you never noticed before.

A. Brow flow

Brow flow - 2021 men's hairstyle

If you want to look classy, go for the brow flow haircut. Credits: Left - Pinterest; Right - Unsplash.

Is there any haircut that can surpass the brow flow for classiness?

Brush your hair to the sides and put them behind your ears. It’ll add more fascinating visuals to your face and make your cheekbones stand out. With a suit on, you will refine the true essence of a gentleman.

B. Blowout

Blowout - 2021 men's hairstyle

The blowout hair gives you a sophisticated look with its leaping strands. Credits: Left - Pinterest; Right - Pinterest.

Another medium men’s hairstyle to follow in 2021 is the blowout. If your hair is medium-lengthed on the top, let the wind of class blow right in them. You’ll make your hair look elegant because of the unique strands leaping over the other.

C. Comb over

Comb over - 2021 men's hairstyle

The comb over gives your hair strands individualistic shapes when curved around your head. Credits: Left - Pinterest; Right - Todonline.

If you want a refined appearance in 2021, go for luminous hair that resembles the comb over. Let your hair curve around your head to make each strand of hair have individualistic shapes. This hairstyle also adds a serious look to your face.

D. Slick back

Slick back - 2021 men's hairstyle

The slick back uplifts your forehead to a whole new level. Credits: Left - Best Hair Looks; Right - Fashionbeans.

Another classic medium hairdo that’s popular this year is the slick back. All you need to do is pull your hair back. This style can elevate your face by showcasing your whole forehead. It also displays various wavy strands that make you look on fleek.

E. Fringes

Fringes - 2021 men's hairstyle

2021 presents elegance with the fringes hairstyle. Credits: Left - Pinterest;  Middle - MonologueBlogger; Right - Hairfinder.

If The Beatles rocked fringes in the 1960s, then so can you today. Fringes have made a big comeback in 2021 that can make you look sophisticated in a patterned suit. Make sure the length doesn’t go right on your eyebrows, or you won’t look classy.

3. Long hair: casual

In 2021, it’s a trend to look casual in fashion, including long men’s hairstyles. Long hairstyles present your hair at its utmost naturalness. On top of that, they make a fashion statement on how you like to look authentic and casual.

A. Wavy long hair

Wavy hair - 2021 men's hairstyle

For a "messy hair, don't care" look, go for the wavy long hair. Credits: Left - Pinterest; Right - Pinterest.

Wavy long hair brings out the “messy hair, don’t care” saying. And that’s actually a fad in 2021. This haircut can make you look casual. The wavier it is, the more natural and relaxed your style.

B. Ponytails

Ponytails - 2021 men's hairstyle

If you're feeling hot, tie your hair in a ponytail. Credits: Left - QNM; Right - The Unstitched.

If you’re feeling sweaty, tie your hair in a ponytail. You’ll look even more carefree. For this hairstyle to work, your hair must reach your shoulders.

C. Half-up

Half-up - 2021 men's hairstyle

Combine fashion and casual with the half-up hairstyle. Credits: Left - Rawatan X; Right - Pinterest.

Can’t decide between keeping your hair down or tying it? Try both at the same time. The half-up style allows you to show some hair while tying it to stop sweating. That’s a unique way of combining fashion and casual.

d. Braids

Braids - 2021 men's hairstyle

Make your hair look natural with well-knotted braids. Credits: Left - Funtouzy; Middle (Left) - Outsons; Middle (Right) -  Pinterest; Right - Tendencias Da Moda.

Braids are all over the place in 2021. Their knots make your hair look very natural.

e. Man bun

Man bun - 2021 men's hairstyle

The man bun spares you a lot of time from fixing your hair. Credits: Left - Pinterest; Middle - Style At Life; Right - Iles Formula.

If you’re too lazy to fix yourself, lift your hair and tie it in a man bun. Your laziness defines your casualness.

Use #SikasokFashion and let’s see what men’s hairstyle you’ll go for this year!

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