10 Casual Wear Must-Haves for Men to Wear on Weekends


Work mode off, and weekend mode on!

Slam dunk your work outfits into the laundry basket, put on some casual wear, and let loose for the weekend. Here are 10 casual wear must-haves for men to rock in before Monday comes back to town.

1. Tracksuits: the go-to casual wear

Man wearing casuals (tracksuits)

If you want the ultimate casual look this weekend, try the "casuals" (aka tracksuits).

Go for the casual of all casuals this weekend: The “casuals” (aka tracksuits). Put on a sweatshirt and a wide pair of joggers to let your body soothe from tight clothes for the next 3 days. Add a pair of running shoes or sneakers to the whole look.

2. Shorts make your weekend look more casual

Man wearing shorts

Dress up in shorts on weekends to soothe your legs from tight pants.

If the “casuals” are the most casual a man can wear, how about shorts? Not only do they hang loose on your legs but they also let them breathe. For the next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, put on a pair and let the wind hit your legs as much as possible. Trust us; it’ll complete your weekend mood. 

Some fashion tips to consider: Dress up in shorts with a regular t-shirt to look super casual, and polo shirts for a polished look. Cotton and linen are the ideal materials for shorts.

Let your shorts’ colors reflect the warm season, mainly lighter blue, red, beige, yellow, and pink. 

3. Ripped jeans for a touch of relaxation 

Man wearing ripped jeans

Go for ripped jeans if you want to relax while partying this weekend.

If you’re invited to a party this weekend and you still want to feel relaxed, put on a pair of distressed jeans (aka ripped jeans). Thanks to the jeans' ripped holes, they make your pants less tight and more breathable for your legs. Every time you walk or take a seat, your legs and knees are getting the fresh air they deserve from having to tolerate with tight trousers all week long.  

Ripped pants also act as a statement piece. Having them on makes you appear restful and casual, which is precisely our point! Make a more prominent fashion statement in blazers, button-down shirts, overcoats, and hoodies to experiment with rip-less and ripped pieces together.

4. Pajamas: if you're staying home

Man wearing pajamas

Put on pajamas if you're staying home this weekend.

If you have no plans this weekend, stay in your pajamas. 

Pajamas push you to be lazy and do absolutely nothing for the whole weekend. Create the perfect mood in them by lying in bed, watching Netflix series, and putting on socks. If it’s cloudy outside, go for our signature Kankane Sikasoks!

5. AccessoriZe when you go out

Man wearing accessories

For the next 3 days, show off your accessories that were hiding and getting in the way of your work. 

Some workplaces follow dress codes that don’t allow accessories. For those that permit them, the accessories you put on get in the way of your work. We know, it’s a real pain in the—. 

When Friday comes knocking at your door, welcome it with the accessories you love to have on the most. Unbutton your shirt’s top and roll up your sleeves to show off the necklace, bracelets, and watch that were hiding or getting in your way. Pull up your pants to show the funky colorful socks that add zest to your whole outfit.  

If you’re attending an event this weekend, check out some suit accessories that you can make a display out of them.

6. Have SOME statement pieces ON

Man wearing shirt (statement piece)

Weekends move you away from formal attires. Put on statement pieces that tell so much about you!

When the weekend arrives, ditch your formal attires and go for statement pieces that represent the real you! If you love wearing printed shirts with flowers, wear them. If you own a hoodie with Adele’s face all over it, wear it. If you want to put on funky socks, wear them!

7. Go for business casual if you're working

Man wearing business casual outfit

Dress up in business casual outfits if you have to come in to work on Saturdays.

If you have to work on Saturdays, go for business casual outfits. That’s the only day of the week where some people don’t come in, which gives you the chance to leave formal clothes at home. Put on chinos, sweaters, loafers, jeans, or even sneakers. If you want more tips on matching jeans and chinos with shoes, find out right here.

8. GO for a run IN the right running outfit 

Man wearing running outfits

If you want to jog this weekend, wear running outfits that don't ache your body.

Going jogging this weekend? Consider the running outfits you want to jog in. Don’t put on the wrong pieces that can bruise your body before starting another tiring week. Our blog post on running gears for beginners should assist you with picking the right outfit and socks. If you’re doubtful of the running shoes you own, measure your feet and get new ones.

9. Button-down shirts: if you're going out

Man wearing button-down shirt

For an elegant yet casual look on Friday and Saturday nights, wear button-down shirts.

If you still want to dazzle in events without a suit on weekends, go for button-down shirts. They give an elegant and casual feel to your whole look. You can also wear them like a jacket and add a shirt underneath to make your look even more casual.

10. ROCK THIS WEEKEND in funky socks!

Man wearing Sikasok funky socks

When Friday arrives, unleash your inner funk with funky socks!

We’ve saved the best casual wear for men for last: funky socks. When you’re back home after a long week at work, put on some funky socks to unleash your inner funk. Let them scream how much you missed having your personality printed on your outfits!

You know, you don’t actually have to wait for the weekend to wear funky socks. Our Formal Sikasoks add a twist to your formal attire and still respect most formal work dress codes.

If you want to have a relaxed look this weekend, follow these styles: 1. "The casuals", 2. Shorts, 3. Ripped jeans to let your legs and knees breathe, 4. Pajamas if you're staying home, 5. Accessorize when you go out, 6.  Put on some statement pieces that reflect who you are, 7. Go for business casual if you work on Saturdays, 8. Put on the right running outfit, 9. Button-down shirts if you're partying this weekend, and 10. Funky socks!

Use #SikasokFashion on social media to show us the causal look you’ll go for this weekend!

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Elio is a content creator at Sikasok. He enjoys writing, reading, binge-watching, and jogging. Elio loves being creative and staying updated with the latest news and trends. 

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